Down the TBR Hole 5

Down the TBR Hole 5 is a great way to cull your TBR. It is definitely helping me so far! I’m down 26 books. While it may seem like no big deal… It is to me, especially since there are just so many books I want to read! 26 is great! I’m hoping for at least seven this week.

If I am correct, Down the TBR Hole originated here. Basically, the gist is to start at the beginning of your TBR and go through a few books and decide if you’re going to keep them. My goal is to go through a minimum of 10 books each week. At 10 books a week, this would take me years to get through! I may do a little bit more, depending on how it goes. What do y’all think? I started at 1594, I believe. A shit ton of books lemme tell you! Each week, it is going down just a little bit.

Let’s get started!

The books (1-5):

  The Last Single Girl by Caitie Quinn.

I wonder if those are supposed to be bridesmaid dresses or little black dresses. Based on the title, it could go either way! Haha.

Who ever wants to be the last man out? Or rather, the last single girl? The premise of this novella is super cute. Basically, the MC has one month to find Mr. Right or she will be labeled as the Last Single Girl. Oh man, I definitely feel for her already!

The Verdict: KEEP



 The Three-Year Rule by Alaina Standford.

Meh, this has poor reviews, poor ratings, and overall just sounds meh.

It is a novella, which makes me lean towards keeping it. But I just don’t think it would be worth it in the end. So nah.

The Verdict: REMOVE




 Played by Natasha Stories.

I adore this cover! An NA book with a love triangle, one of whom is an English Lit professor? Yummy! There’s just something increasingly interesting and taboo about having the hots for a teacher. I never did, mostly due to having all female teachers. But I do enjoy reading about it!

The Verdict: KEEP




 The Neighbor (4-6) by Abby Weeks.

I haven’t read stories 1-3 in the series, but they are super short stories. I could probably read all 6 in one day. Someday anyway. Hahaha! This series is completely erotica, more likely leaning towards smut. Smut because there’s more sex than plot. I do own both sets (1-3 and 4-6) so that’s good.

The Verdict: KEEP




 Who, What, Where, When, Die by Amanda Lee.

Hmm. The girl on the front reminds me of the Lizzie McGuire animation that would do the side talking; it’s definitely juvenile to put on the book cover.

The blurb reminds me of a weird cozy murder mystery. I have read a few and they definitely are not my favorite.

The Verdict: REMOVE




The books (6-10):

 Remember This by Shae Buggs.

A love went wrong. A husband cheated, and the wife threw a bottle of wine at his head. Now, he doesn’t remember anything from the past! Included the fact that he cheated! How convenient. Lol. This does sound like it’d be a cute story because he does try to win her back. But I’m not sure if it’s something that should sit on the TBR pile collecting dust.

The Verdict: REMOVE




 Have I Told You by FL Jacob.

A ballet shoe and a high heel. Hmm. This book actually seems like it would be pretty good. A guy who goes through women like underwear, and a woman who’s in an abusive relationship. Spark fly to create an interesting combination. Elements of abuse, erotica, and romance. Yes, please.

The Verdict: KEEP



 All of My Days by Jessa Jeffries.

Let’s just take a second to appreciate this gorgeous cover! I love scenic shots, in almost every aspect. All with colors of course. It sounds super good. However, it’s part of a 5 book series and the first book ends on a cliffhanger! Oh no! I’m ok with cliffhangers, just not when I have too many others to read. Once I finish it, there’s probably no way I’d have time to finish up the series.

The Verdict: REMOVE



 Second Dose by Ryan Krave.

What a weird cover. It drew me in when I first bought it like 3 years ago. Oh yeah, it’s been on my TBR for that long.

This one is a short story – less than 60 pages. Unfortunately, it’s also part of a series and is no longer available on Amazon. That was pretty much the deciding factor here, let’s be real.

The Verdict: REMOVE


 Kiss Kiss by Various Authors.

Kiss Kiss is an anthology that is composed of full-length novels. There are 12 novels in total. Who knows when I’d ever be able to read that? And 12 at once?! Uh, no. Not gunna happen! Plus, it’s not even on Amazon anymore. Ugh.

The Verdict: REMOVE





The books (11-15):

 Love, Emily by Kelly Killian.

Amazing cover! Ahh! Overall, this sounds like a great book. An advice columnist with man troubles. I’m hopeful that it’ll be comical and give insight into how an advice columnist actually lives their lives.

The Verdict: KEEP




 The Impossible Search for the Perfect Man by Susie Martyn.

I love the use of color on the cover, but I am really into rainbow coloring and that sort of thing right now. However, the blurb is a different story! Oh man. It starts off sounding sooo good! Your husband leaves you for someone else. The someone else is now your boss, and she’s pregnant with your husband’s kid. What drama! I love it! Then, the rest of the blurb seems to fall flat. And it’s 300+ pages. Not that I have a problem with 300 pages, but for only meh blurbs, it’s going to be a pass.

The Verdict: REMOVE



 The Open Sign by Lisa McHenry Walker.

11 ratings, 4 reviews: less than 2 stars on Goodreads. Sometimes I don’t bother with reading reviews or even looking at the ratings. But this sounds horrible! The MC is conflicted about opening up her own consignment shop. From then on, it apparently all goes downhill. Even the blurb has the MC second guessing herself. If that has anything to say about the book… I’d be really disappointed if I spent time on this book.

The Verdict: REMOVE



 For Anyone to See by Leigh Grayson.

Can you ever just look at a book and tell it’ll be something you’ll never read? That’s pretty much how I feel about this one. I’m not intrigued by the cover, nor am I intrigued by the sparkles or whatever that is on the Y, E, and H. It makes it seem over done. Totally not bothering to read the blurb on this one. It just doesn’t give me a feel good feeling.

The Verdict: REMOVE




 A Girl’s Best Friend by Melissa Hill.

Ah, another Melissa Hill book. I guess I really do go crazy with adding books to my TBR. Is that what y’all think too?! 😉 Haha.

Anyway, this one consists of three short stories. I like the idea, I’m just not sold on the author. Remember, ain’t nobody have time to second guess books on a TBR.

The Verdict: REMOVE




How many this week you ask? Well… 10 books were removed! This has been the best week yet! Yesss!

Total removed: 36
Total kept: 39

Thanks for joining in on the fifth edition of:
Down the TBR Hole!

How are y’all liking this meme? Would you change anything about it? Let us know in the comments!


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