February (2016) Month In Review

Happy March everyone!

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This month, I read 4 books and I reviewed 4 books. February had quite a few tours.



Into The Fire — Tour
Free Me — Tour
Betting On The Wrong Brother — Tour
Submissive Seductions




Less than 5 until I hit 200 followers!

Thanks for your feedback on Kendra’s Kitchen! I love the graphic I did for it. Since then, I have redone most of my graphics and even added a couple new ones. I’m liking it so far. Let’s hope I keep it up!

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February was actually pretty dull. Caden went on track break. For those who don’t know, Caden is at a year round school, instead of the traditional September to June school. Because of this, he gets 2 breaks (month off at a time). Then of course, he has the whole month of August off (as everyone does), so that the District can get ready for the new school year. Next break, we’re off to see my parents!

However, in less than a month my parents will be coming to see us. We are super excited. Since we live with one set of grandparents, Caden calls my parents “Other Grandma / Other Grandpa”. He gets so excited when we talk to them or anything that revolves them. Jumps up and down, yells, and enthusiastically laughs. The whole 9 yards!

School has been bleh, again. Passed another class with an A, and started a new class. You know how that goes. Yep. I cannot wait until it’s over! Haha. Except that I am a bookworm and I supposed I should love school. I do at times though. It’s just the nitty gritty required reading and papers that I am not so fond of…

What was your February like? Anything cool happen this month? I want to know!


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