February Wrap Up

 Hi everyone! I cannot believe we’re already at the February Wrap Up for 2018. This month has gone by super fast.

February has been a great reading month! I went days where I was constantly reading. Then, I would have a few breaks in between. This month has been Read-a-thin as well. That actually went pretty well. I finished more challenges than I thought I would. Go me! I haven’t been that active on the blog, but I have definitely done tons of reading! Let’s see if I can keep this up.

In case you missed it last month, I am changing up the way I do monthly wrap-ups. I’ve started a spreadsheet to help me become more organized about my reading. It keeps track of so many things! I am pretty excited to see my stats at the end of the year.

I also wanted to show you guys some of my monthly stats, along with the books I read of course. As always, if the review is posted on the blog, the title will link to it. All covers will link to Amazon.

So let’s get to it!

In February, I read:

13 books (plus one whole textbook. Are we counting textbooks?)

Roughly 2500 pages.

1 male author, 9 female authors, but only 6 New To Me Authors. There was a total of 10 authors.

Only 6 genres: Erotica, Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, YA: Social Issues, Poetry, and Anthology

10 ebooks and 3 print books.

5 New Releases (2018),  (2017) Releases, 1 (2016) Release.

Onto the books!


Mr. Blakely // Deviants // Finding Rhiannon // She Asked For It





Other books read:

Dreams of the Heart by Joie Schmidt


Thanks for joining in on our February Wrap Up!

Share one of your favorite reads of February with us!

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Dirty Ugly Toy – Review

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