Follow You Home – Review

Follow You Home - Review by Mark Edwards

Follow You Home – Review

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Hey guys! I know it has been a while. I have been catching up with school and have been super busy at work. I finally got around to reading a book. YAY! This is the book at Kendra picked off my TBR list to have me read this month. I was super excited to read it, but it was not as good as I thought it was.

This story follows a couple who take a trip to Romania and have a horrible situation happen to them. Lemme tell you, this “situation” is not revealed right away. It takes a good 33+ chapters to reveal what happened. Over half the book. This is why this book got 3 hearts. I didn’t like that the story kept talking about this horrible thing, only to not tell you what it was. Sure, it was suspenseful for the first few chapters, but then it just got annoying. Not to mention, the event was anticlimactic in my opinion.

I really wanted this book to thrill me and make me sleep with one eye open, but it didn’t. However, I did appreciate some of the characters. They were intriguing and complex just enough to keep me entertained throughout the book. The book overall just wasn’t that great.

So, my question is to all you readers out there, have you read any scary books lately? What books have just given you the creeps? What books have made you scared of the dark? I want to know. I want to read them. I want to be scared!

Follow You Home – Review



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