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It’s time for another 2019 reading challenge! I’ve seen this one floating around before, but I’ve never had an interest until now. I told myself 2019 is the year I read all of my older books, 2018 releases and earlier. The Good Rule Reading Challenge is going to help me with this. Hosted by Becky’s Book Reviews, the goal is to come up with a good rule for your reading.

So, the challenge:

“It is a good rule, after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between. If that is too much for you, you should at least read one old one to every three new ones.” – C.S. Lewis

This quote basically sums up what this challenge is all about. I don’t have a lofty goal and I’m not going to limit myself to a set amount of books for my rule.

My rule:

Read two old books for every one new book. New books are classified as 2019 releases. Audiobooks do not count for this, even if they are published in 2019.

(I’ve been listening to the Read Me Romance podcast, and those are brand new audiobooks each week. I’m not caught up on the first season, but I am stoked to see where the second takes us. I’ve read so many new authors this way. And if y’all know me, I am not an audiobook person. This podcast has squashed that and shit, I am an audiobook person!)

I’m not figuring out a percentage for anything because I’m not sure how many I’ll read or if I’ll even stick to this. Natalie Bennett has so many good books coming out this year, it may be difficult to read so many old ones before her new ones… But my overall goal this year is to read 100 books. I read just barely over 100 last year, so I’m going to try to make the most of it!

Ah, I’m getting distracted. Sorry! Back to the challenge…

Examples of goals and the rules, taken from the host’s sign up page (linked above).
See the post for the full details.

1. Decide if you want to set a monthly, quarterly, or a yearly goal for this challenge. You might start out with a monthly goal to see what works best, and then modify it throughout the year.
2. Set your goal of books. You might want this challenge to cover all the books you read this year. OR. You might want this challenge to cover a specific area of your reading. Either is fine.
3. Decide if you want your balance to be 50% new to 50% old OR if you want your balance to be 75% new to 25% old.
4. Set your qualifications. How will you be defining “new”? How will you be defining “old”? Do you view “new” and “old” solely in terms of publishing dates? Or do you prefer to see it as “first time reads” and “rereads.” Either interpretation works for me.

Some examples:

Goal: I want to read 100 picture books. I intend to read 75 new picture books. I intend to read 25 old (or classic) picture books.
Goal: I want to use the Good Rule only when reading my favorite genre–romance. There are so many I haven’t read but want to read that I want to go for 50% new and 50% old.
Goal: I want this challenge to count EVERY book I read. I don’t like to set goals. But I will commit to staying with this balance no matter how many–or how few–books I read this year.

So there are many ways you can complete this challenge. I’m leaving mine open-ended of my 2:1 and we’ll see where it goes. Wish me luck!

Let me know if you’re participating in the Good Rule Reading Challenge. It’ll be great to see your progress as well!


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