Hello Reading World

Hello, Everyone!

I wanted to introduce myself. Kendra added me onto her blog so that you can get even more book reviews. YAY!

My name is Tiffany and I live in Las Vegas with Kendra. I pretty much live at her house on my days off. We are pretty much BFFS for life. Haha.

I am 27, I live with my boyfriend and I have 7 animals. Yes…7. I have a dog, 3 cats, a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko and we just adopted a baby snake.

We are now accepting tickets to the Tiffany Zoo. Just kidding.

I am an English major. Do not judge my grammar, that is one area of English I never excelled at. I just graduated and will have my $50,000 piece of paper in my hands within the next few months. After that, it is on to my Masters degree in secondary education.

I recently just started reading again. Uhm, what? Yeah…I know, it sounds weird. Other than textbooks, I really did not have a lot of time to read the last few years. It wasn’t until I switched to night shifts that I was able to start reading. I work in customer service and it is pretty quiet after about 9pm. Thus, I get about 2-3 hours of reading in a night, which is awesome.

I approached Kendra about starting to review books myself and she had the idea to add me to the blog since I tend to read things that she doesn’t. I am more of a thriller, murder mystery type of person and she is more of a romance person. So now you get the best of both MMKAY? :]

Anyhoo, just wanted to say “Hello!” and will start reviewing some books for you guys soon. Have a great week!



P.S. Here is my life in a nutshell:

Collage 2017-03-03 17_29_00

So… Hello Reading World!


  1. Congrats on earning your degree and on your future plans of joining the ranks of secondary ed teachers. I was so happy to get Kendra’s email that you would be glad to read and review my novel which revolves around a high school setting. I just sent my MOBI file for Sublime Karma to Kendra’s email. Thanks so much for agreeing to review it. BTW on entering the realm of secondary ed? I’ve never regretted it. Never a dull moment. You’ll love it! 🙂

    I’d be more than happy to do an author interview when you’ve finished.

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