Honey and Sugar

Hello there! This was another assignment I had to write in school. This one was supposed to be a literary story, not genre. Well, I ended up doing ok on the assignment, but my story turned out to be more plot emphasized versus character, which is the main point to a literary story. Anyway, this is one work I will definitely be adding to! I wrote a different story about one of the best friend, Julie, but I can’t remember if I posted it! If not, look for it soon!

Honey and Sugar

In and out.


Alcohol coursing through her veins, Moxie feels the music pumping straight down to her bones. She throws the towel down and struts over to the two chrome poles sitting in the middle of the stage.

Love is like a bomb, baby. Come and get it on.

Leaning against one poll, her back arches, and her sleek foot climbs up the other poll. Moxie gives a small twerk showcasing her newest devil tattoo and the crowd cheers. She was ready for her night to begin. ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ was her anthem, in every sense of the word. While it did seem typical for a woman of her profession, Moxie was anything but typical.

Word around town was Moxie was the best anyone could find within a six-hundred-mile radius. Even the women flocked to see Moxie fly across the stage with such confidence and grace. The Twilight Club never failed to bring in hundreds of dollars, especially on a bad night.

Cheers erupted as the song ended and Moxie somersaulted off of the pole and gave a curtsey. “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give it up for Moxie!”

The only thing better than hearing the DJ’s voice was the chills dancing gave her body. Performing was something Moxie did five nights a week – a routine: various songs and dances, but the thrill never failed her. Moxie sprinted off the stage as the next song started. She grabbed the water bottle sitting on the chair behind the curtain and took a huge gulp.

“You never fail to impress me, girl.”

Moxie turned around laughing, surprised to see Julie, her best friend, still there. “Yeah, well, you know… I thought you were heading home?”

“What? A girl can’t admire her best friend?”

“Sure she can!” Moxie flung her arm around Julie’s waist. While Julie was more round than Moxie, she overtook Julie in height. Standing at 5 feet 7 inches tall, without the six-inch standard heels, Moxie was built like a ballerina. In comparison, Julie was 5 feet 5 inches tall and had a good fifty pounds on Moxie. But Moxie was thin by nature, with toned muscles that squeezed her body in all the right places. Wavy blonde hair accented her strong shoulders and was worn in two pigtails at the top of her head, tied with various colors of ribbon. Each work night brought out a different color of the rainbow. Coupling a rose red lipstick with smoky eye-shadow, Moxie looked like a pin-up girl from the ‘50s.

“Let’s grab another drink.” Turning the corner to the light up bar, Moxie flagged the bartender. Two Jack and Cokes slide down the bar, and Moxie slams hers down. As the manager, she never had to mix her own drinks and Lila knew just how she liked them: two fingers whiskey, three fingers Coke. Her next song was about to start.

“Phew. That’s it for me. I’m off!”

“Tell that nurse to take the stick out of her ass!” Moxie waved as Julie headed out the club doors. ‘Crazy Bitch’ came over the speakers and it was time.

Scanning the decent crowd that had gathered, her next victim waited in the right-hand corner of the stage. His short, dark brunette hair and his strong physique would be a perfect fit for her next dance.

She slips quietly through the crowd as they anxiously wait for someone to take the stage. A spotlight finds her as just as she reaches the man. Bowing to the man, she holds out her hand. With a stunned look on his face, he takes her hand. No words were exchanged as she drags him onto the stage. She pushes him into the chair and straddles him, twerking her toned bubble butt for everyone else to see. Her hands run to her pigtails and pull out the ribbons. Whipping her head back, her hair falls loosely below her shoulders.

Leaning into him, she whispers, “Thanks for coming, I’m Moxie.” Her hands trail down his body and her hips move to the music. Standing up, she turns the chair to face the poll. This dance is his own private show; she only has eyes for him. Grabbing the poll, Moxie weaves her body into a full twirl, thrusting her chest out. Dollar bills fly onto the stage and the man leans down to pick one up. Moxie leans out to him and shudders, finding the dollar bill in her cleavage. His fingers linger and Moxie feels her body growing warm. She gently grabs his hand and pushes it away, shaking her finger as if to scold him. Moving her hips to the beat, she slowly unhooks her bra and slides it off of one arm. She does the same thing to the other arm as she covers herself. Moxie steps away from the poll and finds her back to the audience. Peering over her shoulder, she winks and slowly strips away her bra tossing it into the crowd. The crowd roars as one of the other patrons pick it up. She struts back to the poll and spins around, then finally straddles the man again. She tips his chair back and leans into him. Leaning out and letting the chair hit the ground, Moxie peels off her thin boy shorts revealing a neon pink G-string. She starts to dance around him and uses his body as a prop. The song is ending and Moxie is just getting warmed up. She leans down, gives him a swift kiss on the cheek, takes a bow and skips off the stage.

Behind the curtain, Moxie grabs a robe knowing it won’t be on for long. She knows the busboy is gathering up the dollars and will be coming back. When he does, she thanks him and grabs the decent stack of bills. Laughter rings out over the dull music that plays between each of the girls. It was almost time.

Saying goodbye to the bartender, she heads to her office. After changing into some clothes, she grabs her purse, locks the door, and heads back into the floor where the patrons are. She eyes the man, who just minutes ago was on the stage. Smiling, she walks towards him and sits on his lap. “Thank you for the dance.”

“Oh, the pleasure was all mine.” His eye spoke something wicked.

“I didn’t quite catch your name.”


“Well, John,” She leaned into his ear, “if you’re looking for some fun, follow me.” She waves to his friends and starts for the door to the Twilight Club.

Halfway to her car, she heard her name being called. Turning around, she was pleasantly surprised to know it was him.

John caught up with her and immediately swept her into his arms. She gasped and their lips collided. Electric shocks went down her spine into her toes. While it was nothing new, it was the thrill that took her breath away.

This time, no words were needed as they climbed into her newly acquired Toyota Corolla. Her breath shook with anticipation the whole ride home, to the cozy three-bedroom house that she shares with the owner of the Twilight Club.

As the tan house came into view, John started to speak. Moxie held her hand up and simply said, “No strings. Ever.” She saw him nod out of the corner of her eye.

The car came to a stop and Moxie heads out, running up the steps to unlock the door. John follows her in, and she doesn’t give him the chance to admire the décor before her lips assault his. Stumbling backward, she leads him through the chef sized kitchen into her bedroom. She slams the door behind them and throws John on the bed. Chuckling, she knows exactly what she wants, and what she will do to get it.


The next morning, she wakes to the smell of coffee. As she stretches out on the bed, she can’t help but notice it was empty. Just the way she likes it. She and John had gone at least three rounds before she fell fast asleep on his chest. Pulling the robe off of her chair, she slides it on and slinks into the kitchen. Moxie finds coffee in the pot and a cup on the counter.

“Amy?” All is silent.

Reaching for the cup, Moxie pours her coffee and adds some sugar to it. She pulls the rubber band off the newspaper that was sitting on the counter. Moxie starts to read the paper, noting Crimson Gazette’s latest headline: Stoney reaches its 100,000th customer. Since the reopening of Crimson’s main gas station, it has been popular due to having the last soda and candy available for 200 miles in any direction. She finished off the article and peer out the rather large, rectangular window.

The view from the kitchen window had a unique vantage point. It was the only house in the valley that faced all three states that Crimson bordered on: Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas. If Hills Like White Elephants hadn’t been set in Spain, visitors would swear Hemingway was writing in Crimson, Kansas. A luscious green grass shines from the Oklahoma side; meanwhile, dirt that fades into the background faces Kansas. There is a third option: a snowy hillside from Colorado, but it is rumored that that is where Hemingway would have stayed.

“Well good morning, sunshine!” Amy’s sweet voice shook Moxie out of her trance.


“That’s the 4th one this week.”

“They’re just so adorable, aren’t they?”

“Well, they are something alright.” Amy’s disapproval rang out loud and clear.

“I’m not ready to settle down, you know that.”

Amy didn’t reply. Instead, she starts to tidy up the kitchen.

Moxie jumps up and puts her coffee cup into the sink and heads back into her room. Flipping on her stereo, Saving Able starts to play. Dancing around the room, Moxie picks out her outfit for a day at the office. The black pencil skirt with a pink ruffled shirt screams professionalism, with just a touch of feminine style. Today, she moved away from the smoky eye shadow. Instead, she applies natural colors that bring out her baby blue eyes. Adding a touch of mascara, Moxie smiles at herself in the mirror. Switching off the music, she grabs her rose red MAC lipstick off the dresser and closes the door behind her.

Reading the same article Moxie had been earlier, Amy is sitting at the counter with her cup of coffee when Moxie walks in. “I’m out of here.”

“Don’t forget about the terms we agreed on!”

“Yep, you got it.” Moxie waved and walked into the warm morning toward her car.

It was her day to meet with the creditors to go over the loan paperwork in regards to the expansion. Typically, meetings with creditors were Amy’s area of expertise as owner of the club. But every now and then, Moxie liked to put her business degree to some good use.

It is only a five-minute drive across town where the bank, Crimson Credit Union, sits by the local bookstore. It’s in a small business plaza, surrounded by plants and flowers. In the middle of the plaza, there was a three-tier fountain that cascaded a waterfall into a pit where the pennies were thrown. Part of the Crimson legend was if a visitor threw a penny into the fountain, they would gain the thing they needed most. Today, there were half a dozen kids playing on the benches near the fountain. This was one of Moxie’s favorite spots; she could spend hours watching visitors walk through the plaza.

Glancing at her watch, Moxie realized she had a few minutes before her meeting. She headed over to Jamba Juice and ordered her favorite smoothie, Peach Pleasure. It wasn’t often she got to savor the wonderful taste of the plump peaches mixed with bananas and orange sherbet.

Walking back out into the sunshine, Moxie saw Julie helping a teenager find a book. A few weeks ago, Julie had quit her job as an insurance claim adjuster and had begun working at the bookstore. Julie looks up, catching Moxie’s eye. She gives a slight wave and turns her attention back to the awkward teenager, who looked out of place.

Moxie finishes her smoothie and starts to head into the bank. The Crimson Credit Union only has two tellers and is barely bigger than a Dairy Queen. Three offices line the south side of the building, peering into the plaza’s fountain. Moxie lets the desk clerk know she is there.

A luscious dark-haired man steps out of the office. “Sandra?”

“Yep, that’s me!” Moxie whips around and stops dead in her tracks.

“Moxie?” The man wore a bemused look.

“Wha- John?” She couldn’t believe her luck. “What are you doing here?”

Before John could speak, Paul steps out of the office. “Moxie, so good to see you!”

“Y-Y-You too, Paul.”

Motioning for her to step into his office, Paul speaks again. “Let’s get this started, shall we?”


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