How I Lost Control of My E-Reading

How I Lost Conrol of my eReading

Oh man, is this statement ever true!

Everyone who reads this blog, or who personally knows me, knows that I have a 1-click addiction. Yes, it is a problem. No, I am not a recovering addict. Yes, I like my problem. No, you can’t change my mind.

puh lease

Stick with me and I will tell you the story of how I lost control of my e-reading.


Before I tell you. You must promise you won’t laugh. 😉

It all started back in August 2012. I had finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey, and I was feeling the reading vibe, once again. I was feeling pretty good, like I could conquer the world just by reading books. The only downside was that I could not read at work. I was super bummed. Even if I could, I was broke. I didn’t have money to go out and buy a bunch of more books. The library was in the super-shady part of town, so I wasn’t going there. Nu uh.

I think it was also around the time that I was complaining mentioning to Chris that I couldn’t carry my books everywhere! It just wasn’t possible. So casually, he mentions that I have a smart phone. Yes, I knew that. But.. Did I know that I could put the Kindle app on my phone, and read all the millions of books I want? Wait. So you mean to tell me, I don’t have to get a bigger purse, or skip down on the number of books I want to take with me? Whut.

I was super skeptical though. I didn’t want to read ebooks. I wanted my precious print books. I wanted to feel the pages as my fingers skimmed over it. I wanted that book smell, you know the one I’m talking about. I wanted to browse the shelves at a bookstore. Not the Internet. I was so against it.

Then, something changed. I was suckered into downloading the app and just trying it. So I went on Amazon and found The Love Market. It was the first ebook I purchased. Free, of course. An hour later, I was the proud owner of 3 more free books: Love Will Find A Way, More, and Plain Jayne. I read two of them before I went straight back to Amazon.

Before I knew it, I had twenty books. They were all free! I was in heaven! Like what had I been missing this whole time?! I took those 20 books with me everywhere. I could open any of them with the touch of a finger. All I had to do was unlock my phone, and open the Kindle app. I had freedom!

Well, a month goes by, and I still hadn’t read all 20 of those books; maybe 6? But that didn’t stop me from typing Amazon into the address bar of Google Chrome and scouring the site for more free books. The next thing I know, I’m having to create a whole new folder in my email to keep all these Amazon receipt emails!

It’s Christmastime, and with my new-found love of Kindle, I asked for gift cards. I was able to buy books that weren’t free! Yay! I did.

In March 2014, this is how many books my Kindle app contained:


(Just 8 months after first trying the app.)

Then my list grew. And grew. And grew.

I couldn’t stop buying the free books. I’d read a couple, then go buy more. Or I wouldn’t read them at all, and I’d go buy more. Buying books is addictive, guys. I mean, you already know, right?

Up until I started my blog, I had no idea how many Kindle books I owned. As of December 2015, there are over 1500 books on my Goodreads TBR list. 85% of those are unread Kindle books from my 1-click sprees.

Since starting this blog, my 1-click sprees have slowed wayyy down, due to ARCs and the like. But every once in a while, I still get that rush, and I 1-click my way into oblivion. Thank goodness, they’re all free.

So. Now you know.

This is the story of how I lost control of my e-reading.

Do you have a situation similar to mine? Let me know!



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  1. Avatar Rachel says:

    I think I prefer print over ebook, but you’re right–It’s so much easier to just click once and then start reading.
    Are you part of BookBub? You sound like someone who should be, lol.

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      I love BookBub! I get so many of my books from there! 🙂 Probably wayyy to many lol!

  2. I love print books too much to read an e-book.

  3. Oh boy. I’m sorry, but I had to laugh. However, I had the same problem- although on a much smaller scale. I started both a Netgalley and BookBub account, and ended up with somewhere between 20-50 books (obviously I have not looked in a long time), none of which I will ever read. I’m actually halfway through this one… I read it once in a while when I have LITERALLY nothing else around, but…. Yeah. XD

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Oh my. My NetGalley account? We don’t even want to go there. Soooo many books. 😉 I will read them all, promise. But I can’t promise how long it will take me. LOL

      1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I am now picturing this… Good luck with that. You’ll need it.

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