How to Achieve Your Reading Goal

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I did a discussion post, so I figured it was time. As we’re over the 1-month hump of 2016, there’s no better time to talk about your reading goals.

Ways to Achieve Your Reading Goal

Now, of course, being book bloggers, we all have reading goals. Some are just right, others are overwhelming, and some are just crazy. Personally, I signed up for 5 challenges this year, including the Goodreads challenge, as most of you did as well, I’m sure. If not, that’s cool too!

Anyway, I was reading an article on Book Riot a few weeks past, (I think it was Book Riot…) and the author was talking about little mini goals that would help you to achieve your big goals. That seems simple enough, right? It’s all about the baby steps.

Ok, so say one challenge is to read 60 books this year. That is 5 books a month. Math wise, that is not bad at all. That’s my Goodreads challenge (since I hit 62 last year, and goal was 50). I can do it. However, if I knock out those 5 books before the month is over, do I keep reading? Or do I stop? Well, you guessed it. I keep reading. Each book I read, in addition to the 5 a month, will bring me closer to my goal of 60.

Well, you might be asking, “Kendra, what does your reading goal have to do with mine? How can I achieve my goal?” Thank you for asking! I’m about to tell you!

You can achieve your goal by making mini goals, or by making commitments.

Here’s what you can do.

Commit to:

Reading 25 pages a day. I know that 25 pages seems like a lot, but chances are you will end up reading more than 25 pages. Put a bookmark at the end of those 25 pages, and once you hit the bookmark, you can stop. Or you can keep going. Slip a few of those pages in while you’re waiting for the water to warm up when you take a shower in the morning. Slip a few of those pages in while you’re on your commute to work/school, if you take the bus/train or carpool. Take a few more of those pages, and read on your lunch break; or read a few pages before you turn off the light at night. Before you know it, bam! You’ve read your 25 pages.

Think about it this way: I read 62 books last year, which equaled 13,673 pages. If I could commit to reading 25 pages a day: 25 * 365 = 9,125. However, add 25 to that because this year is a leap year, so 9,150 pages. That is more than half way to my 62 books last year. Almost always, if time permits, I would end up reading more than 25 pages. See how that one tiny baby step inched me closer to my goal?

— Or. Maybe read 25 swipes on your Kindle. Sometimes, it would amount to 25 pages, other times, it might not. I have noticed that Kindle will use Locations instead of page numbers. That tends to be confusing.

Reading 30 minutes before bed or first thing in the morning. I know, I know. In the morning?! That means waking up earlier. Well, you could wake up earlier, or go to bed earlier. Take your pick. Commit to reading 30 minutes a day, no matter what time. The average reader reads around 200 WPM. There are roughly 250 words on a page. So that’s 1 page per minute. Which equals 30 pages in 30 minutes. (All estimated). If you read faster, then you’d read more pages. So that’s better than 25 pages a day, right? Still, baby steps.

Always carry a book with you. If you do this, it is almost likely that you will take it out at some point in your day, and read it. I’ve read that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Carry the book with you for 21 days, read it for 21 days. See where I’m going with this? Baby steps.

Giving up the games on your phone/tablet. Ha, this one is a big one for me. Because I don’t have an e-reader, I read ebooks on my phone, through the Kindle app. Because the app is on my phone, I also do many other things with my phone. I get distracted easily. Facebook, WordPress, Phoenix (for school), games, etc. Sometimes, I forget I can read a book on my phone. But… If I could give up the games on my phone, and maybe delete other various apps, I could use my phone for reading. More than I do know. Or give up games for an hour, and take that time to read. Again, baby steps.

That’s all it takes.

Well, those are my four ways to help you achieve your reading goal. Are there any others you can think of? I would love to know your opinion. What works for you?


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  1. I’m trying to read at least 3 chapters a day but I end up reading 3 pages. 🙁 I can’t tell my friends to shut up when I’m reading. hahaha

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Haha, I know the feeling! I try to read and all I hear is the noise around me. Usually I am able to tune it out, but lately it’s been a problem… Lol!

  2. Read smaller books. Sounds weird, but there’s more of a sense of accomplishment and a desire to knock out another book if you’re reading smaller books. Don’t let yourself get intimidated by trying to read a novel that’s 400+ pages long, when some of the best books (ie: hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy) are less than 200.

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      That’s a great idea! I do have to admit, most of the time I tend to look at page counts before determining if I am going to read the book right away. Because I am a slow reader, I want to make sure I have time for the book. 😀

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