I’m Glad I Learned — Challenge

I’m Glad I Learned Challenge


The Rules

  • List 5 things you are glad you learned in life so far. These lessons must be from your own personal experiences, must be lessons that have directly enriched your life, made you a better person or helped harbor personal evolution. When looking at your short list you should feel proud, motivated, and inspired by your own growth.
  • Explain how each lesson has changed you or impacted your life. Did this lesson surprise you? How did it make you feel?
  • Tag this blog ScaleSimple in your post along with the blog of the person you found this challenge from.

In a short 25 years, there are so many things I could share. It’s difficult to only chose five, but I will try.

I’m glad I learned: HOW TO SAY THANK YOU. For many years, towards one person in particular, I have had distasteful and extremely mixed feelings. I still do; however, I would not be where I am today without him. He will never know how thankful I am for him, for showing me the wrong way to love, for showing me how not to be with someone. For showing me that I can only prove to myself that I can do it all; by asking for help when I needed it and by saying thank you to those who did help. For telling me all it would take is a simple nudge and I could change my life for the better. I admitted defeat and I moved on. It was only after we went our separate ways, that he told me I could be on top of the world, if I changed myself. It was both an insult and a compliment. I think we could have been friends after all these years. This is my round-about way of saying thank you.

I’m glad I learned: HOW TO FORGIVE. Almost one year ago, I forgave the one person who hurt me the most in my lifetime. After almost 10 years, I sat down and I wrote a letter. After a few weeks, I sent that letter. I will never know if it reached him, I will never know if he read it. That does not matter. What does matter, is that by forgiving him, I was able to move on with my life. I was able to be better for my family. I let go. Of the grudge I had held on to for so many years. It does not excuse what he did, in any way. But forgiving him, helped me to move on and finally let go.


I’m glad I learned: WHEN TO ADMIT YOU’RE WRONG. Over the years, I have been wrong about many things. I have lied and I have cheated, and I was wrong. I made mistakes, and I owned up to them. I have asked for forgiveness and I have made good on promise I had forgotten. I have made amends and it never hurts to say, “I’m sorry.”

I’m glad I learned: THE IMPORTANCE OF BOOKS AND MUSIC. Books and music have saved my life on numerous occasions. If you have been depressed, you know the feeling of finding that one perfect song that makes the whole world better. Even if you have not been depressed, it still works. I can lose myself in a book and my reality disappears, even if it is just for a little bit. Never underestimate that power.

I’m glad I learned: HOW TO LOVE. I have been hurt many times, but I have loved many times. I have been sad and I have been happy. But love? Love conquers all.


I nominate everyone to complete this challenge. I would love to see all your answers! Be sure to link back to me.

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