Is It Monday Already?

Ahh! Good morning! I think it is a little too early for me to be up, especially considering allergies from a dust storm, kept me up all night long. Yay for not sleeping due to a stuffed up nose. Well, there goes my one complaint about the day. 😉

Anyway… Remember how I wrote a couple weeks ago that my boyfriend and I were buying a house?

Well…. We still are, but no one has accepted any offer yet. We have put in two offers, and no dice; we’re going to look at another beautiful house today, so hopefully, we’ll like it enough and put in another offer. Ok, now, I really hate the waiting game, and normally I can be ok with it. However, with house hunting? Enough already! We are so anxious to get a house; our cute little boy is already talking about things for his room. If you are not in the know (cannot remember if I stated in the last update), the three of us share a room in a two bedroom apartment with another couple. Oh yes, it is very small. Which is why we are really wanting to buy a house.

Well, to get Caden (son) psyched about his own room, he already has a Lightening McQueen bed, AND I talked him into getting a lego table. Like the tables that are flat on top, but you can open it up and it has a grid full of the little lego dots with Legos in the center? Yep. We were on Amazon looking at kiddie tables and came across this one and Caden started going crazy for Legos! So he will get a Legos table to put in his room. He always goes crazy for Legos so no, I am not spoiling him by buying this table. However, I feel like he will do better in his room if he has things he likes. For the first 8-ish months of his life, he had his own separate bedroom because I lived with my parents who had the extra room. When I moved in with my boyfriend (Chris), he was sharing a two bedroom apartment with one of the people we live with now. Hence, putting the three of us in one bedroom. Mind you, we lived in California near San Francisco, so a three bedroom apartment was wayyyy to expensive. Back to the Lego table: I was letting him choose between the Lego table and a regular table with red chairs (one of his favorite colors), and of course, he chose the Lego table! He’s also almost 4 years old, so for right now, it will probably always be legos. Hahaha!

So… There is my Monday life update. When it shouldn’t be Monday. Can we add an extra day in between Saturday and Sunday? That would probably solve most of my life problems! Pretty please?

Oooh, on another note. Guess what week it is? Guess. Yeah, you’ll never guess. 😛 It is Teacher Appreciation Week at my son’s school. He has two teachers, and I love to bake. You know what that means, right? COOKIES! <3 I don’t want to send them the same type, so I’m off to make two separate batches. Wish me luck!

Happy Monday!


  1. Avatar Cindi says:

    Legos is a great birthday gift?? Love u both

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Yes, Legos is a great idea! Love you too!

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