It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

Hello everyone! Welcome back! I’ve seen this meme floating around everywhere. I am excited for us to continue with this meme! Welcome to our twelfth It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? Annnnnd, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This is a weekly meme, now hosted by Book Date. Tune in every Monday for bookish talks and future plans!

Let’s get to it!

So here they are:

 The first book I read was Hunted for the Holidays by Amber Bardan. It was extremely short but oh so amazing! I ended up giving it a 5 out of 5 hearts.

I feel like I hardly read anything in December. It was just such a bummer month. After this one, I didn’t touch a book for almost two weeks. I was super sick, then we traveled for Christmas and whatnot. By the time I got around to picking up a book, I was in a tough place. I had to decide if I wanted to start a new book with the New Year or be half-way through a book when the new year starts. I could not make up my mind, so I read nothing.

After a few days of really wanting to pick up a book, I realized I was wrong. I needed to read. I just got that reading itch. So I picked up The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. I was super lucky enough to grab an ARC. So I am reading this to ring in the New Year.

How is your reading going so far?

Tiffany has finally finished Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire.  Now, she is currently reading November 9 by Colleen Hoover!

It’s been a long month for both of us. We are definitely looking forward to what the new month (and year) has in store for us.





So… Tell us. It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?
Let’s us know in the comments!

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  1. November 9 is my favorite CoHo book!!!

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