It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

Hello everyone! Welcome back! I’ve seen this meme floating around everywhere. I am excited for us to continue with this meme! Welcome to our fourteenth It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

This is a weekly meme, now hosted by Book Date. Tune in every Monday for bookish talks and future plans!

Let’s get to it!

 It’s been a while since I’ve posted a IMWAYR. I think it’s been two weeks, maybe? Who knows. I read 10 books in January, and when this goes up on Monday, I’ll have read 11 books for February (so far). I am having an excellent reading year to date. I cannot believe it! So for the next few books to showcase on here, I’m just going to give you the highlights. Then we’ll be back to our regular schedule! Yay!

The one since last IMWAYR was Mr. Blakely by none other than the famous K Webster. It was super steamy and I loved it. I gave it 5 out of 5 hearts! It’s written in Webster’s taboo world, and it’s just what I wanted.

Next up was my first Willow Winters book! She Asked For It. This book definitely left a lasting impression on me. It speaks volumes about a certain subject. Nothing is what it seems. One of my favorite books of the year! 5 out of 5 hearts. It’s a little dark, but considering the subject, it’s amazingly written. Then I read a different Winters book. This one I did not like as much. It was Forget Me Not. I loved the twist to this one, but something just wasn’t right. I had the twist figured out extremely early on. It wasn’t one thing, it was a bunch of tiny things that alluded me to what was going on. Overall, I enjoyed it, but because I had it figured out super early, it just missed the mark. This was got 3 out of 5 hearts from me.

 Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds exceeded my expectations. It’s written in poetic verse and instantly hooks you in. This is an #ownvoices book, and it is honestly the first one I have ever read. I definitely need to read more! Reynolds hit it out of the park and I felt all the feels. All. The. Feels. So many feels. 5 out of 5 hearts, and I wish I could give it more! It deserves more.

Next up was Finding Rhiannon by Ker Dukey & DH Sidebottom. This is the sequel to Taking Avery. (My Review) It did not disappoint! I cannot wait for the next book by this duo. 5 out of 5 hearts!


The last book I’m going to include in this week is Deviants by Natalie Bennett. It’s the second one in the Badland series and starts where Savages left off. This was another A+ read from Bennett. 5 out of 5 hearts (or rather satanic stars.) Hahaha. It will be released this week. It’s dark and twisted, and not for the faint of heart! Readers, heed the warnings. But we all know I do not. The darker the book is, the more chance I will read and love it!


That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more books next week! It may only have one or two, but that’s totally fine. It’s been an awesome month already. I’m almost halfway done with my Goodreads Challenge. I might need to up it… Who really would have thought I’d read 10 books each month so far? Not me! But I have been reading more books I want to, instead of the tour books I keep signing up for… Haha.


So… Tell us. It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?
Let’s us know in the comments!

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