It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

Hello everyone! Welcome back! I’ve seen this meme floating around everywhere. I am excited for us to try it out! Welcome to our first It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

This is a weekly meme, now hosted by Book Date. Tune in every Monday for bookish talks and future plans!

Let’s get to it! Who’s excited?! *meeeeee!*

It’s definitely been a weird week for me. I kinda skimmed through a book to add my review and I just wasn’t feeling it. I was in the dreaded reading slump and it took me almost two weeks to finish the book. Grah. As a book blogger, I totally hate when this happens! Thankfully, I was able to get out of it and I have finished a couple of books. One was on my September TBR and the others weren’t. But hey, at least I’m reading, right?!

So here they are:

First up is Zeke’s Eden by K Webster. Y’all should know by now that Webster is one of my favorite authors! I absolutely love her books. I was super glad this was one short and it was the book to pull me out of my slump. YESSS. I rated it a 4 out of 5. Of course, I will be reading more of Webster’s books in the future. There are a few on my TBR already, which is super good. But she has like 50 of them, plus more to come! It might take me a while to read all of her books.

Next up is Mechanic by Amber Bardan. I fell in love with Bardan last year, I believe. I’ve read every book of her’s (minus 1) and I jumped at the chance to read Mechanic. This one was fairly short too, and it sure helped me get back into the reading groove.

And finally, there is Initiation by Alyssa Tanner. I can’t even with this book. I just can’t. It was a 1 star read for me. Honestly, I don’t know when the last time I rated a book so damn low. It bothers me so much. Seriously. I won’t be doing a review on the blog, but check out my review on Goodreads. Just ugh. The cover is intriguing though.

For the next week, I will be trying to read a few more books. I have a couple ARCS I need to get through, plus I’m trying to read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Let’s just say that one isn’t going to well for me right now. Grah!


Tiffany’s read for the week was Follow You Home by Mark Edwards. She’s not entirely thrilled with it so far. Preliminary remarks include talks of DNFing, and that the book hardly gives any information! But we shall see! Her review should be up pretty soon.

Next up for Tiffany is unknown. She does have a couple more book she needs to read this month. Every Heart is a Doorway is one of those.

So… Tell us. It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? Let’s us know in the comments!

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  1. Ah, I totally understand the struggle of terrible books. Just- why???
    Also, if you’re having a tough time with Pride and Prejudice, I would HIGHLY recommend the audiobook; I couldn’t have gotten through it without it. And I believe if you download the free (ish?) ebook that the audiobook is only $2. Good luck!

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