January (2016) Month In Review

Hello and welcome back!

It’s time for…

How has 2016 been treating you so far? Have you been keeping up on your resolutions or your goals? Let me know!

Find out more about January below!


This month, I have read 5 books, and I reviewed 5 books. 4 of those books were tours! Do you guys like tours as much as I do? Or is it just me? …



The Virgin Auction — Tour
Twisted Up In You — Tour
Death In A Major — Tour
Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend — Tour



To start of the year, my stats were great the first week. Then they declined. Hmm… Oh well, I will try again next month! As for followers, I’m super close to 200; only 20-some to go. Thank you! <3 You guys have no idea how much you rock.

— New this month: I have started dabbling in graphics. I created a pic for my monthly TBR (new feature), and I have started Kendra’s Kitchen. It’s only a new graphic for now, but within the next couple months, I hope to have a page (or two) up that will show all the recipes. By category. How cool is that?! I’m looking to get more organized.

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I have surpassed the halfway  point for my degree! I honestly cannot tell you how thrilled I am. That means I have less than two years left, and I will hold a Bachelor’s degree in English.

While I did lift my book ban last month, I am still being careful about what I buy. My NetGalley list has gone up from the original 30. Grah. Some of those though, are from tours, two that specifically asked me to participate. So… Technically, not my fault. Except it is. Haha. One of my main tasks for this year is to get that number lower, and my review percentage up. Since most of those books fall into most of my reading challenges, I should be good on those. Especially the Blogger Shame Review challenge. Some of them have been sitting there a while. So I will definitely get to those and hopefully meet my goal of 10 reviews. Wish me luck!

January has not been too bad. Except for being all stressed out and blah the last two weeks or so. I think it was just a minor reading slump, seeing as how it took me forever to complete Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend. Ahh!


How was January for you? Anything fun or exciting happen at the start of this glorious year? Let me know! I love hearing from you guys!


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  1. Avatar Simon says:

    January has been slow for me, but not without being busy. It’s like doing loads of stuff but not actually getting anythinge really done or moving forward. But hopefully the next few weeks should yield something. I saw this post and thought I would chat with you, I’m following you although not spoken that I remember. Keep going with your degree, I hope it goes well and hopefully soon you’ll get to 200 followers 🙂
    There’s no rush though eh?

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Thanks, haha! 😀 Yes, I do hope that February pans out to be better. I think January tends to be rather busy, playing catch up from the holidays and whatnot. Thanks for commenting!

      1. Avatar Simon says:

        That’s okay. I was happy to. I like making new friends.
        I hour I can keep up with you over February

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