Last To Know – Review

Wanna know a secret?… With everything going on in my life, I forgot what this book was about. So I was surprised when the usual big reveal came about. I was definitely shocked. However, this book was pretty damn good for a YA standalone.


Rate: 4.5/5
Pages: 353
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Oh the feels in this one! It has been a while since I have read YA, and almost every time I do, I remember why I’m drawn to them. Just the feelings alone, are something amazing.

Emma is just a normal girl, most would call her an introvert. One of her favorite things is reading in a quiet room. Her best friend, Sadie, drags her to the fair. More specifically to a Willow Creek concert, a local band trying to make it to the big leagues. Anyway, Sadie is somewhat known for ditching Emma for boys, and upon that happening, Emma meets Maddox. A boy who promised to give her the most exciting adventure of her life.

All throughout the summer, they get to know each other. Emma tells him of her childhood, and the one thing that haunts her the most. Maddox tells her of his rough upbringing, and they help each other see the other side of things. While Emma is being completely honestly, Maddox is hiding a secret. One that could ultimately tear them apart. They never expected to fall in love, never expected to get hurt, all they wanted was friendship, something outside the norm for them.

Nearing the end of summer, Sadie turns into this angry, betrayed best friend because of something Emma did. Except Emma did not know. Everything gets turned upside down, and Maddox and Emma aren’t speaking. Mathias, Maddox’s brother, interjects himself in the middle and tries to patch things up.

Overall, it was a pretty great book. If I had remembered what it was about, I might not have enjoyed it as much because I would have known what was going to happen. So I am glad I forgot. 🙂

Now, onto my next book!


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