Lemon Rice Krispie Treats

First off, let me say… Yummy! These smelled sooo good as I was melting the butter with lemony goodness. Oh my! When I found the Lemon Rice Krispie Treats on Pinterest, I knew I had to try them!


Pinterest is one of my best friends. 😛 Anyway, I tweaked the recipe the first time making it and it still turned out pretty good. The only thing I would change would be to add a little extra marshmallows. Other than that, it was nothing short of awesome!



5 tablespoons butter
Zest from 1 lemon
Juice from 1 1/2 lemons (a little bit short of 1/2 cup lemon juice)
1 and 1/2 (10 oz) bags of marshmallows — I would add more, using 2 full 10 oz bags
1 cup dry lemon cake mix (I used Duncan Hines Lemon Supreme)
6 cups Rice Krispies cereal


1. Grease a 9×13 pan and set aside. Or 8×8 if you want thicker treats.
2. In a large pan, melt the butter, lemon zest, and lemon juice. (This step is what smelled amazing!)
3. Once melted, add in marshmallows. Stir until completely melted.
4. Slowly mix in the cake mix. Stir until completely mixed.
5. Remove from heat and add in the cereal and mix until fully covered.
6. Pat down into the pan and let sit on the counter until cool; about 30-60 minutes.

Hope you enjoy this twist to the classic Rice Krispies Treats!

You can find the original here.

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