Let’s Catch Up

Y’all. It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it? I’m sure some of you are wondering what’s been going on. Where have we been? Well, it’s definitely a long-winded answer, but I’ll tell you. Quick – grab some popcorn and a drink. Let’s catch up!

Looking back on our posts, I haven’t posted a wrap up since April. Yikes. I meant to do one for May, but I hardly read a thing. (More about that in a sec.) Life has been super chaotic since April, like, come on. I know I always say I’m busy, but this has been some otherworldly busy shit. It’s the busiest I’ve been in years!

Super long post coming up. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

Let’s back on up to April. In April, I read 13 books, which was fantastic! Then we crept on up to May. Guys. I took two classes in May. That wasn’t normal for me. My usual schedule was one class every five weeks, and it worked. Plus, that’s all Phoenix would let you do. Since I was so close to completing my degree, I was able to take two at once. Let me tell you: that is the most homework I have ever done in my life! I didn’t even study that hard my senior year of high school! Like for real. Stress overcame me. In between all the reading, writing papers, and discussion posts – not including my everyday life -, I managed to read five books, and even that was a major accomplishment. 

June: I graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in English. Queue the most ‘lost’ time of my life. Most people, they finish their education and move into the work field, right? Well, not me. Due to my super personal post about a year ago, click here if you’re curious, I have had no idea what I want to do. I wanted to be an editor – also the sole purpose for majoring in English -, but I suck at the editing part of writing. Syntax, plot holes, tone, fleshing out, theme, etc… Nah fam! Proofreading is my jam. My focus study (or my minor) was accounting, and I loved it! But it wasn’t my major. An English major who loves accounting, who knew? Haha.

Let’s catch up some more!

Anyway. Now that I’ve graduated, I had six months to figure my life out. Talk about pressure. Two months later, I still have no idea what to do with my life. Queue arguments and fights with Chris. Queue lots of crying and internal screaming.

Honestly, it’s a mid-life crisis, without being in my forties. I’m up to my ears in student loan debt. I’ve been debating on going back to school for something in accounting, but it costs more. I’m not entirely sure I’m ok with that. Neither is Chris but that’s a different story for a different day. As much as I love reading and creative writing, I think I majored in the wrong field. So what am I supposed to do now?

Udemy classes are in the forecast for my future, for sure. I found some cool accounting ones that caught my eye – proofreading and writing ones too. Those are a more cost-friendly option right now, which is perfect. I can also do those on my own time and don’t have to worry about assignments due on a certain day.

I’ve also been debating on writing my own book. It would be a book of short stories with some poetry sprinkled in between the stories. It’s a pretty awesome idea, and I’m liking where the idea is going. But… This leads me to my next ‘thing.’

Upcoming life stuff

We’re moving! To Tennessee. Yes, all the way across the country. That is one of the major items that has taken up part of these two months since graduation.

I have barely spent any time at home! After graduation, Caden and I took a vacation to Dallas, Texas and spent two weeks with Chris while he worked. Chris travels for his job, and right now, they have him in Dallas. It was a great trip! Super fun. We went to the NASA station in Houston, we ate yummy seafood (I was not a fan prior), we tried different restaurants. Then we went back home.

We were home for a week and a half then went to my family reunion at the Oregon Coast! Y’all know how much I love road trips! The coast was so beautiful! Tons of shopping, walking on the beach, getting sunburnt hella bad… I also read three books that week! Hell yes. One thing I absolutely loved at the coast was having the windows open all the damn time. It felt amazing with the breeze! No 100*F+ like Vegas, no sweating my ass off just going to the car, and no scorching hot car.

Then, we got back from the coast and went to Tennesee the next weekend. We’ve been looking at this gorgeous house and made an offer. We got it! But there are repairs to be made so of course, we went back and forth with them. The house is now in closing/escrow. WE ARE MOVING IN ABOUT A WEEK! Holy shit.

Not only is school getting ready to start for the little one, I now have to pack everything up and move my happy family across the country. Moving is no joke. It’s damn hard work. My house is filled with boxes and stuff to give to Goodwill. It’s going to be bittersweet to say goodbye to the friends we’ve made here and to our first house, but I am excited to see what Tennesee will bring us. 

Once we get settled in, I think I am going to start writing. I’ll finally be getting an office instead of having my desk in a corner of the living room. I repeat: I will have my own office space! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am by all of this. When Chris and I were visiting our new city, we also looked at some furniture, and I’ll be getting a reading chair too! I have never had one before but it is so comfy, and I love it!

Post moving

So this book, right. I’m loving the idea of short stories and poetry. Some of the stories I have already written, but I want to polish them and maybe extend a few. This will definitely be an interesting process for me. I’m actually looking forward to it, more than I thought I would. In my Amazon wishlist, I have some corkboards I want to buy, with some pretty pushpins. Just today, I added a few things to the wishlist to get my office cozy. My office will hopefully be my new favorite spot.

The worst thing about this book is that I want to get started now! Alas, I can’t. I have too much going on this week, and then the next week is all about the driving and getting Caden started with his school. But, at least I have an idea of where I want to go and how I’m going to get there.

Once I start getting my draft going, I am going to need some beta readers. My book will end up being a cross-genre type of book. Some creative nonfiction, romance, poetry, mystery, etc. It’s all talk right now, so who knows where exactly it will end up. But if you’re interested, shoot me an email (readsandtreats@gmail.com) with Beta Reader in the subject line. In the email, tell me one thing you’d like to see in my book.

Blog shit

Ok, real talk. I have censored myself when it comes to my blog. My tastes have changed in the past 3.5 years. It’s going to change around here. Once I get settled in, things are going to pick back up blog-wise. There are a few things I want to do, new features, create and keep an actual blogging schedule. I’ll tell y’all right now… There will be tons of cussing. Well, maybe not tons. But if I want to say fuck in a post, Imma do it. And I have in a few posts, but it was definitely toned down.

My feeling lost has most definitely affected the blog, in very negative ways. It’s been more than a slump. It’s been brutal and real. I’m trying to find myself, find that passion I once had.

Life sucks sometimes. But I’m getting there.

K bye.

Thanks for sticking around. Y’all are outstanding, and even outstanding is too weak of a word to describe what you are.

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