Lock the Door – Review

lock-the-door LOCK THE DOOR

by: Jane Holland

Published: January 10, 2017

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Meghan Smith has always been a protective mother. Her baby son, Harry, has a life-threatening condition and is never far from her sight. But on the evening of her wedding anniversary, as she and her husband celebrate in the garden with friends, Harry disappears from his cot without a trace.

In an instant, the perfect life she always longed for is in tatters, her family exposed to interrogation and accusation in the glare of media attention. But none of it gets Meghan answers—or brings back her son.

As her life unravels and suspicion takes hold of her sanity, Meghan begins to question everything she once took for granted. Can she trust her husband? Can she trust her friends? Can she even trust herself?


What a brilliant novel!

I was instantly hooked from the blurb. It only got better (or worse – haha) from there.

Meghan faces the impossible; something every mother fears. Her child, Harry, is diagnosed with an illness within the first chapter of the book. That has got to be some scary stuff! On a non-life-threatening level, I can completely relate. But with Harry, it is life-threatening. Then he goes missing. Every mother’s worse nightmare.


Jon, on the other hand, seems nonchalant about the whole thing, which can be understandable in a way. Someone within the couple needs to be calm. As a lawyer, he is definitely trained to be the calm one in situations like that. But there’s just something about Jon that bugs me the entire book. Ugh. Anyway. 

Holland tugged at my heartstrings throughout the entire story! As a mother, I put myself in Meghan’s shoes and I saw myself acting in the same manner she did. Holland’s writing forces you to put your own notions aside and to feel what the characters feel.

This book appeals to your every emotion: as a mother, as a neighbor, as a father, as a wife or husband. But most importantly, it appeals to being a human. Humans can do some rather terrible things when they’re hurt. This is another book that kept me on my toes the entire ride.

*I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy.


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  1. Ooh! Sounds awesome! Nice review… you just made me add this to my ever growing TBR 😉

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