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Hello everyone! This is my first nomination about anything from the blogging world, so I am pretty excited! Thank you, Sophie!

So about a week ago, I was nominated for a love/hate tag by Sophie at sophieinneverland. Go check her out, she is pretty cool! With this tag, I will share 10 things I love and 10 things I hate.

10 things I love <3

1. Peanut Butter Cookies — I need to christen my house with this yummy concoction!
2. Roses — Always have been my favorite flower.
3. (1.) Books — Already self-explanatory. Maybe this should be number one? Ok, changing to number one.
4. Sunsets — In Montana, they are so beautiful. Beautiful probably does not even describe it.
5. Writing — I never do enough, but I always love it and always wish I was writing.
6. My cell phone — I have to keep in touch with my family somehow! I call my mom at least twice a week!
7. Storms — Thunder, lightening, raining. The whole thing!
8. Country Music — Brantley Gilbert. Brad Paisley. Mmm. Definitely one of my favorite/loved things.
9. Candles — Oh my. I love me some candles. I probably have a dozen in my house right now.
10. The Color Blue — For the longest time, my favorite color was black. I chalk that up to my depressed teen years. As an adult, I absolutely love the color blue. Any shade. Love it!

10 things I hate 🙁

1. People talking on cell phones when at the cash register. It is sooo rude and annoying to the cashier and the people behind you!
2. Narcissists. Enough said.
3. Lying. As much as I have lied throughout the years, it has destroyed many friendships, and not to mention it destroys trust.
4. Cheating. Enough said.
5. Crazy ass drivers. People who cut others off, people who go too slow in the fast lane, people who go too slow on the on ramps.
6. Terrible customer service.
7. Seafood.
8. Being Late. And people who are late.
9. Traffic. Omg. This one KILLS me!!!
10. The heat. Living in Vegas, the summers get to 115* F. Or hotter. This freaking sucks. Soooo much!

Because I am so far behind in the reader, I am not sure who else has completed this. If you haven’t, I nominate you! Good luck!

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