Mercy, Bound, Released – Review

Mercy Bound Released Mercy Bound Released

by: Natalie Bennett

Published: March 4, 2017

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*Warning* NOT meant for the faint of heart, contains very dark themes. Please read the preface before purchasing. This is NOT a romance*

Everyone knows the story where the beautiful girl gets taken by a monster.

The one where the monster ends up being some poor tortured soul with a fucked up past.

Love prevails, and then they live happily ever fucking after.

Well, this is my story and it isn’t a fairytale.

I loved my monster too.

But that was before he took me.

My reality is dark.

His demons are darker.


After being banned, she’s back!

I did read the first part, Mercy, which you can find my review here.

However, I actually did reread it since it had been a while. I was unable to put this book down. I truly loved every sick, twisted moment in Bennett’s latest book.

This book has definitely made it into one of my top reads of 2017, just as I predicted. There was never a dull moment with Morgana and Julian. I was kept up on my toes the whole time. Once I thought I had the dark secrets figured out, I was so wrong. So, so wrong.

They fit so perfectly together in the most excruciating ways. Without one, there isn’t the other. They’re both broken, yet they compliment each other, all on the way to self-destruction.

If you read one dark series this year, let it be this one. Outstanding work!

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  1. Avatar Lilyn G says:

    What do you mean by “after being banned”? I have to admit, your review has me intrigued. I might try to pick this up!

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