Midweek Life Update

A midweek life update is upon is!

¡Bueno días! — In honor of my the Spanish class I’m taking right now.

Now, I won’t do midweek life updates very often, but this week, I have some huge news! My boyfriend and I are going to buy a house! Technically, we’re going to put an offer in on an amazing house this week. I am thrilled! We have talked about buying a house together for years, and now it’s actually coming true! Putting an offer in is the first step.

— A little back story to the boyfriend. His name is Chris and we’ve known each other for almost 10 years. Well, December 2015 will be 10 years. However, we have only been dating for just over 4 years. We were always at opposite points in our lives and never got together until we did. That part doesn’t matter too much because we are together now. Whatever life brought upon us, we’re here and have no plans to go anywhere. Thus buying a house. We already have the most handsome son, who will finally be getting his own room! One happy mama here!

Anyway, I’m super excited about this upcoming move. And yes, I am assuming they accept our offer. Might be wrong to assume, but we really love this house. We’re just hoping that there are no other current offers on the house. So assuming they accept our offer, the house is absolutely stunning. Two stories, four bedrooms, granite counter tops (which I love), newly remodeled kitchen, and the best part: a pool! Man, in Vegas, it almost seems like a requirement. Especially when summers get to 110* F! Oh, yeah, if I forgot to tell you, I live in Las Vegas. 🙂

Another update — Marriage by Law has definitely been picking up. There has got to be something going on with the husband’s best friend… Hmm… So far, the Amazon synopsis has not let me down. It was a slow read in the beginning, but as I had hoped, it did start to pick up fast. Over 500 pages and I’m almost to 250. Review to come as soon as I’m done!

¡Que tenga un buen día!


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  1. Congratulationes en su nueva moradia! Okay, my spanish sucks -_-

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