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Ahh! Another readathon in November! Welcome to my Minimojiathon TBR! (or #minimoji). Guys. I am so excited for this one! Mostly because it sort of centers around the holidays. And with the year I’ve had, I need some extra holiday cheer!

So for some reason, I cannot seem to add in the emojis into this blog post. Boooo! You’ll just have to click on over to the official Emojiathon Twitter to see them.

Here are the challenges:

My goal is to complete at least 4 of them. Wish me luck, especially since I’m doing Read-a-thin too! Oh, how’s that going you ask? Pretty damn well! Yay!

(1) A book set during winter / (2) Read a book with green on the cover / (3) A book that has the Christmas spirit (a Christmas book)

(4) A book with angels in it / (5) Read for 60 minutes straight without checking your phone

(6) A book with a reflective cover / (7) A book you received as a gift / (8) A book that has red & white on the cover

(9) New year, new book! Start a new series. / (10) Ghost of Christmas past; read a book that has been haunting your TBR for over a year

(11) A warm/fuzzy read / (12) Shiny new toy, read a new book that you’ve been dying to get your hands on

(13) Yay sports! Go team! Read a book featuring sports / (14) Read a book with snow on the cover

(15) A book that features family or food / (16) A book with bad reviews / (17) A book that features travel

(18) Dreaming of Christmas in July. Read a book set during the summer / (19) Fa La La La L-ISTEN to an audiobook!

(20) Freebie

So. It’ll be the same as my Read-a-thin structure. Any crossed out are ones I am definitely not doing.

My *tentative* TBR:

  • The Day She Cried by K Webster — Challenges: 5 and 12
  • Sweet Temptations by LM Mountford — Challenge: 8 and 15
  • Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess — Challenge: 2 and 10
  • Winter in Sweetwater County by Ciara Knight
  • Wicked S.O.B by Zara Cox
  • Lawn Boys by K Webster — Challenges: 18 and 20

Annnd anything else I can cross over from Read-a-thin. Wish me luck!


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