My Guilty Pleasures

Hey hey hey! So earlier today, I was scrolling through the Reader on WordPress and came across this. Writerish Ramblings did a post on guilty pleasures, and it got me thinking about mine. I have spent a good couple of hours thinking about this, so this might turn out interesting. Some of them might surprise you. Here goes:

1. Cake tutorials on YouTube. Lately, I have fallen in love with Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio. She is just amazing and does step-by-step tutorials on pretty much anything cookies and cakes. I am dying to try her Lemon Cake Recipe, which you can find here. Hopefully, soon, I will make it. Cross your fingers for me!

2. Candy Cane ChapStick. Man, I have like 4 tubes of this thing and I still buy more every year! I have tried many ChapSticks and this one, I just love.

3. Bath and Body Works lotion. I have bottles upon bottles of lotions. With all the bottles I currently have, I will probably not need lotion for 10 years. I am not joking. Besides, I don’t think lotion really lasts that long before it loses its scent and things that make your skin feel smooth. I cannot think of the word right now. Hahaha!

4. Pens. More specifically, black or blue pens. From those, I don’t care which. My dad works for Gannett Company. For those who don’t know, Gannett is a publicly traded media holding company that owns hundreds of newspapers and tv stations across the country. My dad has worked for many newspapers over the span of 30(ish) years and for the later years of my life, I get pens from each newspaper. Somewhere in my possession, I have a pen from The Great Falls Tribune, The Courier Journal, and The Argus Leader. Quite a few pens from the latter. I always use them, so I always have a need for more. 🙂

5. Sticky Notes. I have a huge pad of sticky notes that is actually sitting in a drawer because I don’t have space on a desk for them to sit. When I did, I used them for everything. Writing tiny notes, addresses, or even parts of a grocery list. Maybe I should invest in stock for Staples or something.

6. Journals. I hardly ever write in them, but I love collecting them. Some of the journals at Barnes and Noble have the most amazing covers and I have to have it.

7. BOOKS. This one should be self-explanatory and however, not too much of a guilty pleasure.

8. Pinterest. Another one that does not need to be explained.

9. Listening to the same song on repeat for the longest time. The current song is: Honey, I’m Good by Andy Grammar. Try it. Just try it. It is very catchy. And it has great meaning.

10. Store-bought White Cake. You know, the decent sized squares of cake that sit in the cake selection at your local grocery store that is only $1.99? Every. Single. Time. I go grocery shopping, I have to buy the cake. It’s just one piece and I wish I could say I eat the whole thing. Sometimes, I do. If I eat it fast enough, and before my son comes home from school. Summer is approaching, so that will be less likely. Haha!

11. Baking. One of my out-there dreams is to open a bakery. I get in these moods, where all I want to do is bake. Then I get to the actual task, and sometimes, it’s just so terrible, I ask myself, “Why did I start these? Can I just be done?” But only sometimes. Now, I love baked goods, especially cookies, but sometimes, the baking just takes forever. Gotta wait 10 minutes while one pan cooks, then another 10 minutes, then another. Before you know it, an hour has gone by. Just by baking cookies, one try at a time. I am definitely not knocking baking because I love it. I just wish I had a bigger oven. It might be more fun.

12. Kittens. They’re just sooo cute!

13. “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham! I am not a fan of 80s music, in its entirety. However, certain songs. Hmm. Just upbeat and makes you wanna dance every time it comes on.

14. Musicals. Well, just a couple of them. Most musicals drive me crazy. One of my favorites is Rent (the 2005 movie version). I would love to see it live, but that is probably slim.

15. Sarah Dessen and all of her YA books. Back in the day, mid-2003. Wow, I was 13. Ok. Anyway, I saw How To Deal with Mandy Moore, which is actually based on Sarah Dessen’s books, Someone Like You and That Summer. That is when I first fell in love with Sarah. 12 years later, I still very much love her, and she just came out with a new book called Saint Anything. I cannot wait to read it!

That is just about all I can think of. For now. How about you guys? Any guilty pleasures you would be willing to admit to? I’d love to know.

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  1. Avatar Cindi says:

    Jelly bellys:)

    1. Kendra Kendra says:

      Yes! Those are pretty good!

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