My TBR Thoughts – Commitment or Not?

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My Thoughts on TBR Lists

I follow Book Riot on Facebook and this article, here, popped up in my news feed. I started reading and wondered if my TBR is full of commitment or if it is not. I think I am 50/50 on this issue. I have over 1000 books in my TBR. If it is a commitment, man, I might fail. I am not sure if I will ever read all of those in my life just because I keep adding more! Every. Single. Time. I buy books. Sure, it is a commitment saying I am going to read them all. However, I do not feel like I am pressured to read them all.

You might be asking “Well, how is this different from the reading lists you post?” Hmm.. Great question, readers! It is different because the reading lists map out exactly what I am reading next. It’s only a few from the random thousand books that I own and want to read. My first reading list has been successful thus far but I have read a couple books that were not on the list and that I did not review. They were just for me. I created my reading list to make myself start reviewing books. Especially for blogging. Reviewing a book is also something that I have never done outside of school. I love reading book reviews, and figured I could add to that part of the blogging world by creating my own reviews. Of course, I might read a book like Love Crushed, that was not originally on my reading list. I read that one before starting the last book on the list because it was an ARC and the deadline was approaching. I received it free in exchange for my review by a certain date.

It is different from my TBR because I can pick and choose any book at any time. I can read outside of my reading list without feeling the pressure of oh hey, you have 10 books to read for the month of June. Get cracking. That sort of thing. The author of this article states that she “sees them as a set-in-stone vow” and I can definitely see why. Also, she does make some very valid points, to which I agree 100%. However, I have almost always traveled outside of the norm, so I don’t feel this applies to me. **Little hint of what is to come: I created my next reading list (5 books) in a draft because I am not done with the last book in my current reading list. A couple days ago, I went back and re-edited the draft and made a note that I was adding a certain book and putting above the others.**

With that being said, I do feel like it is a commitment, but the only kind of commitment you can break. It is ok for you to read something other than what is laid out in front of you. My TBR has the wiggle room for me to break out and choose something different. I will continue adding to my TBR, and I will continue picking and choosing which books I want to read. Not which book was added very first or added last.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that TBR’s are a full-on commitment? Or is it a commitment that is alright to break?


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