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Well, hello everyone! I am back!

Yes, that means I have Internet now and I am all caught up on school. Man, June has barely started and it has been so busy so far! I have unpacked a good portion of all the boxes. Except for my books and miscellaneous items. Oh yes, I see you shaking your head there about my books… Those boxes are heaving and after unloading a uhaul twice, I do not feel like carrying all those boxes up the stairs. I have done a tiny bit so far. But I have almost 5 boxes and one big suitcase left, full of books. I will get to it soon.

In the meantime, how about some pics of my new house?



Yep, we love it too. Our bedroom has two walk-in closets, a huge bathroom, including a Roman tub! Where I overflowed the downstairs bathroom, the first time I used it. Well, that was because we had plumbing issues. This metal thing below is what we found in the pipe a foot below the foundation in our house.


Yeah, insane, right?! Someone messed up big time. After this, we found a ton of nails with washers, further down the pipes. Yep. Someone is in big trouble. Who knows why? At least the people who fixed it were on top of things and got someone down here asap to fix it. Both times. Then our Internet went down because someone came out and disconnected the cable for it. No one knows who or why. Our electric problems was that when someone was putting in the outlets upstairs in the master bed/bath, they forgot the most important one. It was the outlet that kind of charges everything else, so because that was nonexistent, none of the others work. They drilled out part of the wall to insert the outlet, and bam. It works. So intriguing… Anyway, so we finally got all that figured out and it seems that things have calmed down for now. We will see.

On another note, I passed my last Spanish class. Onto my second and final one. Then I will be done with my foreign language credits and I can move onto the fun stuff! Yay, me!

As for WP Reader, I still have not gotten around to it, but I will either tonight or tomorrow. Hope you guys wrote fun stuff while I was gone!

I finally put in a change of address form today for the post office. I have been meaning to do it for about a week. Haha. Let’s see…. What else is new? Hopefully, (soon) I will finish the last book in my reading list, and then create a new one and get started on that. Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen is going at the top of that list! Just ordered it on Amazon yesterday. I know I’m behind on that one, but… Moving takes a toll on everyone and everything. My reading has just not been up to par. #Sorrynotsorry.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Bout of Books 20

Bout of Books 20

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