New Year, New Awesomeness

Happy new year everyone! This year is going to bring some awesome stuff to the blog.

I already have a few ideas planned. More uniform, more organized. More books, more fun. And I have something special planned for my 2 year Blogiversary! Ooops, I wasn’t supposed to let that slip…


I’m leaning less towards resolutions and more to2017bookishresolutionswards goals. But we’ll see. Here’s what I hope to accomplish in 2017.

I came across 2017 #BookishResolutions on Because Reading. I’ve decided to take part this year! Yay! Click the link if you’d like to sign up with me. Sign ups are until March 1st.

Basically, the gist is to create goals and try to stick with them. Every other month check-ins! See my goals below!

Reading Goals:

  • Read more physical books I already own, at least 1 per two month for a total of 6 books.
  • Discover 2 new authors a month.
  • Participate in 2 readathons.
  • Cut down my TBR – whether by deleting books or reading.
  • Get NetGalley percentage to 55%.

Blogging Goals:

  • Post 4 reviews a month.
  • Request fewer books for blog tours. No more than 3 requests per month.
  • Write 6 discussion posts.
  • Draft review posts.
  • Participate in the Blog Ahead Challenge to get 30 posts ahead.
  • Cross-post new reviews, at least 4 a month.
  • Get caught up on previous cross-posting. From the blog to Amazon and Goodreads.
  • Update Review and Challenge pages once a month.


  • Exercise 3 days a week.
  • Be less cluttered.

Currently | March

State of the ARC


  1. Good luck with all of your goals!! I am sure you will be able to make them all!!

  2. I love this!! Good luck reaching your goals!

  3. Avatar Random Reads says:

    These are great goals! Good luck 🙂

  4. Great goals! You’ve got this 🙂 Best wishes – I’ll be working on some of these with you this year too <3

  5. Ah I definitely want to do a readathon this year! Which ones are you thinking of?

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