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Intriguing read. I cannot believe what happened at the end. I absolutely did not see that coming! BANG!


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Cliffhanger alert!


Wow. This book gave me chills; good and bad. It is about a Master/slave relationship. It is super intense and a little strange at first. Not gunna lie, at one point, the book had me in tears. The scene was so intense I could feel her pain. I definitely didn’t mean for this book to make me cry, I had just finished reading a chapter and the next thing you know, a couple tears are falling down my face.

Ellie, who is an assistant at Expo (an import/export company), is smitten with Expo’s biggest client, Kayne. One day, she boldly invites him to a huge company party and at the end, she agrees to leave with him. Thinking she was in for a night of great sex, she leaves, only to wake up to her worst nightmare. Little does she know, Kayne is not the guy who he makes himself out to be. Ultimately, he is in bed with a bunch of bad people and shit hits the roof and ends with a BANG.

As the story goes on, he is training Ellie to become his sex slave. The scenes where he is training her are rough. The sex sounds amazing, if you didn’t know in your mind that things are not as they seem and he is not just a typical Dom and she is not the typical sub. There are other women in his house called, Mansion. It is in fact, a mansion, but there is more to it than just the name. As I said in my last review, I tend to spoil things, so I am trying to leave them vague with just enough info to keep you interested.

Soon, Ellie craves him, just like a typical sub would. However, she knows she is for a world of trouble if she doesn’t obey him. I have read quite a few D/s relationships before but this one was completely different.

Kayne is a very intelligent person. All throughout the book, you are thinking he is one thing and he turns out to be different. The story ends on a BANG and is continued in the sequel, Claimed. It will be interesting to see how things change and if thingsĀ come together at all, after all the emotions from everyone involved.

A really good book overall with twists and turns you cannot imagine as you’re reading it. Unless you are wayyy better at picking up clues than I am. Which you could be. Check it out and let me know!

“I like you collared baby. I like you naked, I like you mine.” — Kayne.


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