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Plush - Review book cover PLUSH

by: KB Winters

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Billionaire CEO Cooper Brighton has one rule—never to fall in love again. His life is full of parties, hookers and hook-ups. But behind his panty-melting smile and Armani suits is a broken man, still haunted by his own demons.

Until her…


This was a cute novella. I loved getting a small glimpse into the life of billionaire Cooper Brighton. There’s just something about him that shows appearance isn’t everything. I’m completely intrigued by his character. Also, I am wondering how Jess fits into the picture or if she was just a one-off type of thing where they were friends but they’re not? I would like to hear the backstory on their friendship more. There’s so much more about Cooper I want to learn. He’s pragmatic yet he doesn’t care what others think. It’s interesting.

I need more! I cannot wait to read to read the rest of the series. I’m dying to know what becomes of this girl. The prequel definitely sets up the tone for the rest of the series. Plus, there (is) will be tons of sexy time scenes. And y’all know, those are some of my favorite scenes!

The Plush series is definitely one I will keep on my radar. If nothing else, just to see how it all turns out. I adored this novella, the prequel to how it all starts. I will definitely be reading more by Winters, as this is the first book I’ve read.


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