Quarter 2 Reading Challenge Update

The second quarter is coming to an end. I absolutely cannot believe it! 6 months is almost over. Holy cow.

Just like last quarter, some challenges require updates every so often. So here is my update:

*Also, you can visit my Challenges Page anytime you want to see how I’m doing. Hopefully, I’m doing well. Although, I am just a tad behind in my Goodreads challenge.


Q2 Reading Update

Let’s get started!

2016 pick your genre reading challenge

Two Genres: Contemporary Romance and Erotica.

16/25 books
Last Quarter: 6 books


10/12 books
Completed Challenge of 6 last quarter.


2016 new to you reading challenge

19/25 New To Me!
Last Quarter: 11

8 // Authors
0 // Series
1 // Genres



2016 blogger shame review challenge


*Hangs my head in serious shame…*
For real.
I really need to cut back the book tours.
I feel like that’s been 90% of my books this year.

2016 alphabet soup reading challenge

16/26 spoonfuls!
Last Quarter: 11


25/60 books

Well, it will be once I finish The Woman in the Photo. I have 3 days left of June. It will be done. That’s why I counted it with the rest! Hahaha.

What’s your progress so far? Is anyone struggling or succeeding? Let me know!



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  1. Avatar Random Reads says:

    I’m only doing the Goodreads challenge but haven’t updated it in absolutely forever. I’m miles behind on my challenge I’m sure.

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