Quarter 2 Reading Challenge Update

The second quarter is coming to an end. I absolutely cannot believe it! 6 months is almost over. Holy cow.

Just like last quarter, some challenges require updates every so often. So here is my update:

*Also, you can visit my Challenges Page anytime you want to see how I’m doing. Hopefully, I’m doing well. Although, I am just a tad behind in my Goodreads challenge.


Q2 Reading Update

Let’s get started!

2016 pick your genre reading challenge

Two Genres: Contemporary Romance and Erotica.

16/25 books
Last Quarter: 6 books


10/12 books
Completed Challenge of 6 last quarter.


2016 new to you reading challenge

19/25 New To Me!
Last Quarter: 11

8 // Authors
0 // Series
1 // Genres



2016 blogger shame review challenge


*Hangs my head in serious shame…*
For real.
I really need to cut back the book tours.
I feel like that’s been 90% of my books this year.

2016 alphabet soup reading challenge

16/26 spoonfuls!
Last Quarter: 11


25/60 books

Well, it will be once I finish The Woman in the Photo. I have 3 days left of June. It will be done. That’s why I counted it with the rest! Hahaha.

What’s your progress so far? Is anyone struggling or succeeding? Let me know!


State of the ARC

Blog All About It


  1. Random Reads says:

    I’m only doing the Goodreads challenge but haven’t updated it in absolutely forever. I’m miles behind on my challenge I’m sure.

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