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Hi guys! I have compiled a reading list, which is something I never do! Usually, I just pick a random book on my Kindle and go for it. However, for blogging purposes, I actually picked out my next 5 books, excluding the one I’m reading now. Hopefully, I will post quick reviews for each of them. We’ll see how that part goes. I’m always open to ARCs, so if you like my reviews, feel free to send books my way!

Currently reading: Marriage by Law by N.K. Pockett. I’m only about 50 pages in, and so far, it’s a little bit of a slow read. It about an arranged marriage in modern time; the husband seems really cold, and distant. I know they barely know each other, but would it really kill him to say hi? Anyway, from the synopsis on Amazon, here’s to hoping it picks up soon!

Reading list

  1. Owned by M. Never. Before I say anything else about this book, it is an erotica Master/Slave relationship. That alone kind of gave me the motivation to one-click. However, I am part of a group on Facebook called One-Click Addict Support Group. The other day, they had an author takeover. For those who don’t know, it’s where the author comes in as an admin for the group and self-promotes, as well as giveaways. It’s always a ton of fun, and I try to join most of the author takeovers. Based on some of the pics that M. Never posted that had blurbs of the book, I’m down to read it! It sure sounded hot and steamy. Which is one of my favorite kinds of books!
  2. Last to Know by Micalea Smeltzer. I don’t know too much about this book, other than the blurb on Amazon. It’s a YA love story. I haven’t read one of those in a while so I figured it was time.
  3. TAG by Sheri J. Ryan. From the synopsis on Goodreads, I was hooked. It was a must read for me. Intrigue filled with CIA secrets. “Before she was gone, my mom warned me to know everyone and trust no one. But what was I supposed to do when I found out I am the one not to be trusted? Turns out, I was always the bail in this conspiracy.”
  4. Where’s The Groom? by Sophie Meyer. This seems laughable while finding true love. Ashley is having a difficult time in love and her friends convince her to go to some new-age workshop about learning how to make your dreams come true. Well, she takes this workshop a little too far and starts planning a wedding. Except there is no groom! There are only 18 5-star reviews on Goodreads, so I’m hopeful. Most of the reviews were only 3-stars. So this one will either be hit or miss.
  5. The Guest List by Melissa HillI have a couple books by Melissa, but I have yet to read any. This one will be my first one. According to the synopsis, it’s about a couple’s dream wedding. So many twists and turns happen along the way, and the very last line of the synopsis turned it into a must-read for me. “Or will their dream wedding turn into a nightmare?”

What turns an ordinary book into a must-read book for you?


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