;Recovery – Review


by: Jasmine Smith

Poetry Collection

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a collection of modern poetry surrounding the most vulnerable time – post-breakup. follow the journey of hurt on the road to recovery



;Recovery – Review

;Recovery is a beautiful collection of poetry. As having been through a few breakups, I could relate to many of the poems.

Some of them just spoke to my soul. The anger, the betrayal, the confusion, the wanting and yearning to be together. There was so much of the writing I could see in myself. I found myself nodding my head in agreement, and I found myself thinking back to the time I was going through it.

This collection shows the raw emotions, the rollercoaster effect of a breakup. I felt broken, and then there would be a glimpse of hope. It’s the ups and downs. I really enjoyed reading this collection.

One thing I would have loved to see would be more of the recovery part. It covers the breakup extremely well. But I felt there was only a little on the road to recovery. Recovery is more than the fresh and raw emotions; it’s realizing you will pull through this without them. You are strong enough, you are good enough.

One thing I really loved was use of the semicolon. It speaks volumes, no matter how you look at it. It symbolizes that your story isn’t over. Your time isn’t over. There’s more to your life than just this moment.

Overall, this was a wonderful poetry collection. I am interested to see what Smith comes up with next.

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