Revenge of the Billionaire Dom – Review

 Revenge of the Billionaire Dom

by: Cynthia Love

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Everything about her is screaming innocent submissive, and my body is eager to hear her call.
Only, I have proof she’s been scamming my best friend.
My head wants revenge, but my heart wants to tie her up and make her mine.
Maybe I can do both.

Stacy McDonald is a good girl with secretly bad desires. Though she has little experience, she knows she wants to be dominated.
But when she meets Viktor, she’s in over her head. Viktor is convinced that she’s been stealing from his best friend, leaving him broke and in the hospital.
Viktor longs for revenge, but when he starts to take his anger out on her body, he begins to long for so much more…

Revenge of the Billionaire Dom – Review

Oh, Viktor. Take me.

Where do I start? This novella had a lot of great elements to it. I loved the instalove. I mean, how could you not? The writing style was amazing. It was extremely well written (minus one problem), and I loved the characters. They each held their own, and they played their roles perfectly. I really loved the premise of this one. Stacy captured my heart with her dirty innocence. Viktor stole my heart with his cunning darkness. Sizzling hot chemistry flowed off the pages, what more could I ask have asked for?

Oh right…

This was a quick, fast-paced novella. While I enjoyed it, I wish there could have been more. I felt the end was completely rushed. It was not a slow, let’s take our time, kind of ending. You finished up one page, and the next page was like wham bam, thank you, ma’am! It was the start to the end, which only lasted three pages (I think). It wrapped up the novella super quick. I would rather have liked to see a cliffhanger or a longer novella. This one was around 50 pages, give or take. Honestly, that is my only complaint. I needed more from the ending, and not from a standpoint of wanting more. It was underdeveloped and just felt completely smashed. It would have been a 5/5 had it not been for the ending.

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