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Okay guys, finally, a non-K. Webster book. Weird, right? I must be going crazy.

Where to start with this one? This was a pretty interesting book. I had recently gone through a string of books that I could not finish. I probably went through 4 in the last week and a half that just didn’t sell it for me. They were either lacking originality or were physically unbearable to read due to editing errors. It was bad. Luckily, I started reading this book and while it wasn’t the best, it certainly held my interest long enough to at least finish it.

Summer Prescott does a fine job of engaging her readers in this novel. It follows a serial killer, but in a much different way than you would expect. You see how crazy the serial killer, Susannah, is and why she is so crazy. However, it wasn’t gory enough for me. I know, that sounds morbid, but its the truth. I expected to read something that made me queasy, scared, panicked, or anything like that. This wasn’t the case.

Susannah and her husband were really boring characters to be honest. Mainly because they were so introverted that it was off putting. Being an extroverted introvert, I understand how being an introvert can be. However, I think this was a little over the top. I think the story overall was interesting enough to keep me engaged, thus it got 3/5 stars. However, the lack of character development was really disappointing. In fact, I would say 90 percent of the characters in this book were boring. Purposefully boring. Prescott made them this way, thus the title The Quiet Type. 

I get it, but at what point is enough, enough? It just didn’t do it for me. Overall, this one was mediocre to me. I think it may be worth the read if you can’t decide what looks good on your TBR list, but other than that, don’t expect much.

Goodreads blurb:

CONTENT WARNING: If you are a reader of Summer Prescott’s Cozy Mysteries, please be advised that this book depicts the actions and mindset of a serial killer, contains some adult language and adult circumstances.

Tim and Susannah have ordinary lives on the surface, he’s a mortician for whom death is a serious business, and she’s a chef who really knows her way around a knife, and if the neighbors in their small Midwestern town knew of her dark hobby, they’d run for the hills.

Raised by an apathetic mother and a cruel father, Susannah was bullied and pushed to her breaking point long before she met mild-mannered Tim, and learned to channel her murderous impulses into a strange form of art, which keeps her clueless husband safe…for now.

As strange events occur, and Susannah’s eccentric behavior becomes more dynamic, Tim starts to wonder about his wife. Will he be too perceptive for his own good?

This twisted, psychological, serial killer thriller will sear your psyche and rattle your soul. Buckle up, you’re in for a terrifying ride

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