The Cherry House – Review

The Cherry House The Cherry House

by: C.J. Carlyon



“Two strangers destined to be lovers, making agreements without even speaking; two souls wordlessly making changes, making room, making space, in seconds, you could feel it.”

When Austen Soren returns home for the summer to the lush beautiful valley of her childhood it’s with the sense that she can be, will be, anything; accepted into the prestigious Writers’ Workshop her life is unfolding just as she planned.

Headstrong and impulsive, Austen’s world is upended the moment she meets Cashel Drai, the enigmatic owner of the storybook estate known throughout the village as The Cherry House. Cashel, devastating and damaged, loves her instantly but is held hostage by his past, falling backwards into its darkness and loss as Austen struggles with the experience of her first great love – at once desperate for him and desperate to be free of their wild longing.

As their relationship reopens the hearts – and wounds – of those closest to them can Austen hold on to the ambitions she has for her own life, is Cashel brave enough to let go of his past, and can they, together, fulfil the destiny that the quiet grave on The Cherry House estate whispered always; that forever is written upon them.


There is so much food in this book! I think I’m in love! <3 <3 <3 I am not a fan of cherries, whatsoever; but I loved this book.

Wow. CJ’s writing is off the hook! It’s so descriptive, so touching, so playful. In terms of creativity, this book nails it.

I must visit this valley. It is so breathtaking! Take me there, please!

Obviously, I have no problem with this book. Haha, I really enjoyed basically all elements of this book. I loved the descriptions, I loved the humor, I loved The Cherry House and that orchard.

Mmm. Cashel and Austen; truly a match made in heaven. I adored their sexual tension, their chemistry, their destiny. The characters were vivid, and completely complex. Each and every one of them, including the secondary characters.

Once I started reading, I had a hard time putting it down. CJ transported me into a different time. I was sucked in, and she never let me go. This is one romance book that will stay with me for years to come.

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.


C.J. grew up in a very small town – just 800 people – leaving for boarding school when she was 15. Attending university she attained a law degree and an arts degree with honors, majoring in English. Instead of pursuing the law she was a newspaper columnist for more than 10 years.

The idea for her first novel, The Cherry House, struck long before the writing of it when traveling through the south of France she found a beautiful Provencal quilt covered with cherries. Unlike her protagonist, C.J. didn’t buy the cherry quilt. She has never found another one like it.


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