Too Late – Review

Ok, I have to warn you guys. This review will be different than most. There will be fangirling. There will be explicit language. There will be tears and heartache. You have been warned.

Too Late  I’m not even going to lie. This book deserves much more than a simple 5 star rating. It blows my mind.

I can’t even.

I just can’t.

What the fuck happened to me?

… … … … … …

Colleen happened, that’s what.

Where do I even start to begin?

So basically, I’m reading a book that is making it hard for me to get into. I’m reading it bits and pieces at a time. And I really wanted to read something else. I have been so bogged down with ARCs lately, I needed something fun and light. Too Late is anything but fun. I made a glorious, beautiful mistake picking up this book.

It’s sadistic as fuck. It’s soul crushing. It’s six centimeters shy of a disaster.

It’s sad. It’s hopeful. It’s tragic. It’s a love story.

“Love is not found. Love finds.”

I started Too Late just after midnight on July 18th. I was up until 3 o’clock in the damn morning, sobbing and punching the shit out of my pillow. Too Late is so brilliantly written; there is no escaping the feels that CoHo flickers across your brain.

This is what happened thirty minutes later:


And five minutes after that:


My fucking heart.

Oh god. There is no escape.


I seriously could not stop reading. I had already cried. I got angry. I punched my pillow. I cried some more.

This is what happened next, at 3 am:


I had to call it a night. But a couple hours later, I was back to reading it again. Only it was bits and pieces. I could not handle it.

Until I went to bed that same night. And I fucking finished it. It ruined me.


I seriously will not be the same.


No book has toyed with my emotions, this fucking much. Ever. And I loved: Every. Single. Beautiful. Moment.

Holy shit.


need this to be published in print form. It’s only available on Wattpad and it’s free. I need to feel the pages as I sooth out my heartache.

This is a brilliantly, stunning book by CoHo. I cannot even explain how much I loved this book.

**Side note — The last “chapter” is out of this freaking world. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better… Oh, it sure fucking does.

Too Late is excruciating pleasurable.

Colleen played my anxiety in the best way possible. She created the utmost villain, and it showed at the most perfect times. The three characters: Sloan, Asa, and Charter, were well developed and I ate right out of their hands. While I knew Asa was a fucking douchebag, with a capital D, there were points when I did sympathize with him. It was at the same moment when others did too. Throughout the whole story, my heart broke. Piece by piece, until I was a complete mess.

Too Late is unlike anything Colleen has ever written. If you like severely twisted, fucked up shit, then this is the book for you. If you like CoHo, this book is for you.

However. Full disclaimer: this book is filled with sexual assault and domestic abuse, in all forms. It has been labeled for mature audiences only.

Tell me. Have you read this book?
What did you think?

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  1. I’ve only read one Colleen Hoover (Confess) so far and I know what you mean! I think I’ll have to do a Colleen Hoover binge hahaha.

  2. This book is amazing! I binge read the crap out of it in one sitting! Super addicting 😃 great review!

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