Reviews A-Z

We decided it was time to list our Reviews A-Z. Every review by Reads and Treats are listed on this page. If you’d like to see reviews by Kendra (go here). If you’d like to see reviews by Tiffany (go here).

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Adams, Noelle.
— Second Best
Archer, Kira.
— Sweetly, Deeply, Absolutely
Arno, Vina.
— In His Corner
Auril, Nina.


Babin, SE (et al).
— It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Chick Lit (Anthology)
Ballance, Sarah.
— The 48-Hour Hookup
Bardan, Amber.
— Caught for the Holidays
— Didn’t I Warn You
— Didn’t You Promise
Don’t Lie to Me
— For Her Protection
— King’s Captive
His Temptation
— Mechanic
— Warrior Forever
Baxter, Rhoda.
— Please Release Me
Benaim, Sabrina.
— Depression & Other Magic Tricks
Bennett, Natalie.
— Mercy
— Mercy, Unbound, Released
— Rose De Muerte
Berry, Lucinda.
— Missing Parts
Betts, Amelia.
Bivald, Katarina.
— Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend
Blevins, Savannah.
— Confessions of a Nerdoholic
Brent, Amy.
— Filthy Doctor
Briggs, Laura.
— Boyfriend by the Book
Brux, Boone.
Properly Groomed


Carlyon, C.J.
— The Cherry House
Casey, Elle.
— Wrong Number, Right Guy
Clarke, Marissa.
— Dear Jane
Clay, Amanda J.
— Lies in the Darkness
Colgan, Jenny.
— The Bookshop on the Corner
Combs, D.K.
— The Bet
Cox, Zara.
— Arrogant Bastard
Cross, Amy.
The Ash House
Cross, Cassie.
— Dirty Little Lies
Dirty Little Secrets


d’Abo, Christine.
— 30 Days
— 30 Nights
— Submissive Seductions
Dade, Olivia.
Broken Resolutions
Ready to Fall
Dallen, Maggie.
— The Accidental Boyfriend
Dessen, Sarah.
Saint Anything
Delaney, J.P.
— The Girl Before
Diaz, Alexandra.
— When We Were
Douglas, Penelope.
— Falling AwayFalling Away
Doxer, Debra.
— Like Candy
— Sweet Liar
Drew, Ashley.
— Never Stop Falling
Drewry, Laura.
— How Forever Feels
Dukey, Ker.
— Pretty Stolen Dolls
Pretty Lost Dolls
Pretty New Doll
— Taking Avery
Dunn, Gaby.
— I Hate Everyone But You


Eadon, Kelly.
— The Wedding Date
Crossing the Friend Zone


Faye, Madison.
— Paying the Debt
Ferrell, Charity.
— Pop Rock
Flynn, Laurie Elizabeth.
— Firsts
Fox, Cathryn.
— Betting On the Wrong Brother
Fox, Jessa.
The Virgin Auction
Fox, Sarah.
— Death In A Major


Gomez, Gretchen.
love, and you


Harper, Leddy.
The Roommate ‘dis’Agreement
Hatler, Susan.
— Treasured Dreams
Hemmer, Emily.
Wynn In Doubt
Hogan, Mary
— The Woman in the Photo
Holland, Jane.
— Lock the Door
Hoover, Colleen.
— Too Late
— It Ends With Us
Hopkins, Ellen.
— The You I’ve Never Known
— Traffick
Howell, Sloane.
— The Matriarch


Jamison, Sugar.
— Betting The Bad Boy
Johnson, Missy.
— Resist
Jones, Carys.
— Wrong Number
Jones, Lisa Renee.
— Escaping Reality
Jump, Shirley.
The Perfect Recipe for Love and Friendship


Karlik, Mary.
— Hickville Confessions
Kraemer, Bree.
— Only With Trust


Lark, Jane.
Free Me
Lawson, Piper.
— Play
LeCoeur, Amy.
— Seducing Sarah
Lee, Jonathon M.
Broken Branches
Lee, Laura.
Deal Breakers
Lennon, Christine.
— The Drifter
Lopez, Bethany.
— Always Room for Cupcakes
— Cupcake Overload
Lovelock, Liz.
Dear Captor
With Love
Forever Yours
Lynne, Calista.
— We Awaken


Macmillan, Gilly.
— The Perfect Girl
Martens, Dawn.
— Twisted Up In You
Mason, Debbie.
— Kiss Me In Christmas
— Happy Ever After in Christmas
— Mistletoe Christmas
— Christmas with an Angel
— Starlight Bridge
McDowell, Blair.
— Where Lemons Bloom
Mejia, Mindy.
— Everything You Want Me to Be
Meyer, Sophie.
— Where’s The Groom?


Never, M.
— Owned
Noblin, Annie England.
— Just Fine With Caroline


Particka, Julie.
— Playing the Perfect Boyfriend
Pockett, N.K.
— Marriage by Law
Prescott, Summer.
The Quiet Type
Presley, Debra.
— Christmas With Us
Psak, Courtney.
— Thirty Days to Thirty


Quinn, Michelle Jo.
— Confessions of a Wedding Planner


Rains, Annie.
— Welcome Home, Cowboy
— Welcome To Forever
Welcome Home for Christmas
— Forbidden Kisses
Raines, Nona.
— Write To Me
Ramsey, Hope.
— Here Comes the Bride
Renee, Holly.
— Letting Go
Rimmer, Kelly.
The Secret Daughter
Robert, Katee.
Forbidden Promises
Ronay, Fern.
— Better in the Morning
Ryan, Shari J.


Scheerger, Sarah.
— Are You Still There?
Seeber, Claire.
— The Stepmother
Shalvis, Jill.
Chasing Christmas Eve
Holiday Wishes
Silks, Lacey.
— Cheaters Anonymous
Slade, Toshia.
— Love Crushed
Smeltzer, Michalea.
— Last To Know
Squire, Kate J.
— 30 Lays in 30 Days
— 32 Days Later
St. Claire, Giselle.
— Beg Me
Stoffle, Eric.
— Trading Lives
Stuart, Amy.
— Still Mine
Summers, Willow.
— Now, Please
— Yes, Please


Tapia, MR.
— Die-Fi Experiment 
Thurmeier, Heather.
— The Hometown Hoax
Todd, E.L.
— Into the Fire
— Charge
Trace, Piper.
— Come When Called


Walker, Shiloh.
— One of the Guys
Walter, Rachel.
— A Message of Flowers
Watson, Margaret.
— Protect Me
Watters, Jodi.
Next to Me
Webster, K.
Dirty Ugly Toy
— Mad Sea
— Schooled by a Senior
— Text 2 Lovers
— What Happens During the Holidays (anthology)
— Whispers and the Roars
West, Jade.
Wilde, Lori.
— I’ll Be Home For Christmas
A Wedding for Christmas
Wiles, Pauline
— Sweet Pursuits
Winslow, Vivian.
— Forbidden Rose
Uncovering Camila
Winters, KB.


Young, Heather.
— The Lost Girls


Zokan, Jeannie.
— The Existence of Pity