Road Trip, Mount Rushmore, and Other Things

Howdy from the road! I am in South Dakota on vacation! I have been to a couple of cool places since I left Vegas for my vacation.

My parents live in South Dakota and it was a huge surprise to my mom because she didn’t know I was coming up to visit. Man, it was so hard keeping it a secret from her, but it was so worth it!

The first day, Friday, we met in Keystone and shopped our little hearts out. My little one had fun in his stroller and Grandpa pushed him, while Grandma and I shopped. We went to Mount Rushmore and that was amazing. The site was so beautiful!



On Saturday, we hit up Wall, and shopped at Wall Drug. Which was pretty awesome, too. I spent more money than I should have! But oh well. It’s probably something I won’t do for a long time, so again, definitely worth it. Also drove to the Badlands as the sun was setting. That was definitely something worth seeing.



Then on Sunday, we drove the rest of the way to my parent’s new house. They were closing on their house, the same day my boyfriend and I closed on ours.

The drive up was a lonnnng one. I did go through Provo, UT and drove around the river. That was beautiful.


I am hoping to get more pics on my way back home. If I get better ones, I’ll do an edit and add those in.

On another note, just finished up my last Spanish class a couple days ago! Yes! Now, here’s to hoping I actually received an A, because I was stuck with an absolute horrid teacher and an even worse team. Damn you, Phoenix. Why must you create teams? Isn’t the whole point of online school, is that you do yourself?

Anyway, I’ll be here, enjoying the nice weather before I go back to Vegas, where temperatures exceed 100* F.

What kind of fun vacations are you guys taking this summer?

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