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Hey everyone! Today, I bring you a tag! Say it with me: “Yay!” Haha.

Anyway, I wasn’t tagged for this but I’ve seen it floating around so I thought I’d give it a try.

Here goes:

four seasons

The Rules

  • Begin with the month in which you have been tagged and move forward from there!
  • State the best gift you’ve ever been given after you answer the question for your birthday month.
  • Tag whomever you’d like when you’re finished.. or else you’ll be “it” forever.
  • Have fun, of course!

December is a time when friends and families come together and celebrate. Name one book you would give as a gift.

I would give…  Any one of these books. Easily some of my favorites.

January begins a new year. Name a resolution you made this year and if you’ve kept it or not!

For 2015, I honestly didn’t make any resolutions. Shit. I take that back. I resolved to read my bookshelf of hardbacks and paperbacks because all I have been reading were Kindle books. However, before the year was half over, I moved. Those books aren’t on that bookshelf anymore, and I have no clue which ones were! Ahh!

February is the month for relationships. Name your favorite book relationship: romantic, platonic, or familial, your choice!

This one is so difficult… I would have to say Cal and Lauren’s relationship from If I Break by Portia Moore. I can’t ruin what happens, but their relationship has so many ups and downs, and while it does have secrets, it’s an awesome relationship. A relationship can’t be real if there isn’t ups and downs. It’s the downs that strengthen the relationship.

March is the month for luck and new beginnings. Name a book or series that you would like to re-experience as if you’d never read it.

Another difficult one. I’m not sure if I can answer this since I haven’t read many series lately… 

April is a spectacularly ordinary month. Name a book that was so over-hyped that it just could not live up to your expectations.

Twilight. Granted, I did read it before it was super-hyped up and it was ok. However, now that it has received all this hype, if I were to read it again, it would not live up to my expectations.

May is the month when the flowers start to bloom. Name a book that was a pleasant surprise to you.

There have been many books that were a pleasant surprise to me. I would say that Worth The Weight by Mara Jacobs was pretty amazing. I was skeptical at first, but I really enjoyed it.

Happy birthday to me! May is my birthday month, so I would have to say that the best gift I have ever  received would have to be my driver’s license when I turned 16. My mom took me to the DMV right after school and we waited in line, my picture was taken, all the paperwork turned in, and I was finally legally allowed to drive without an adult present. She drove me home, I got into my car that we had gotten a month before, and I was off! 

June is the time to take a break. Name a book or genre that you like to read when you just need to check out.

Honestly, any romance or erotica book will do the trick. Most of the time, I read to check out. If I’m behind on ARCs, so be it. 😛

July is the time to celebrate your independence! Name a book that made you see fireworks. (Figuratively. Please don’t light books on fire.)

Good fireworks or bad? 😉

August is the hottest month of the year. Pick an up-and-coming author that you think will be the next hottest thing.

What is up with all the difficult questions? I would have to say Portia Moore or Toshia Slade. They’re both amazing authors.

September is time for students to go back to school! Pick a book you read for school that you actually enjoyed.

To Kill A Mockingbird. Seriously, this was one book I actually liked. Another book is The Great Gatsby

October is time to celebrate Halloween! Pick one character that you would love to dress up as for Halloween.

I’m not big on dressing up, so I have no idea!

November is the month when we’re reminded of how much we have to be thankful for. Choose one book you’re grateful for having read and give a shout-out to the person who recommended it!

Any book by Ellen Hopkins. She was recommended to me my freshman year in high school and I just fell in love. If you have not read her, you need to. For real.


I nominate everyone! I have no idea who has or hasn’t completed this tag. Therefore, I formally nominate you!



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  1. Great answers! I totally agree with To Kill a Mockingbird! I’ve completed the tag!

  2. Great answers!! I’ve been tagged twice and now want to do this tag ASAP 🙂

  3. I love this tag too! You had some really great answers! And I mean, if you aren’t reading for school or to check out, why would you read? 😛

  4. This tag looks so good! I might give it a try 🙂

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