Secrets Between Us – Review

Secrets Between Us - Review Secrets Between Us

by: Valerie Keogh

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How safe are your secrets?

One letter a week for fifteen years. 780 identical white envelopes brimming with my sister’s darkest secrets. All the intimate details of a life as different to mine as could possibly be.

I read each letter slowly to make sure I understand it perfectly, one day very soon it will be a matter of life and death…

At the end of each letter, after signing her name, there is always one final sentence:

Don’t forget to burn this letter.

I’ll let you decide if I do…

Secrets Between Us – Review

Secrets Between Us had the potential to be amazing.

The premise was definitely catching and intriguing, but overall it fell short. There were times when the pacing was super slow and other times when it was super fast. 

I had the major plot twist figured out extremely early on. It was almost too easy, the way it was laid out. I have seen this twist used before, and it has been enjoyable. So I know it can be done.

The ending seemed wayy too rushed without any big thing. Like you just shrug and it’s done. I don’t consider this to be a “jaw-dropping” thriller, nor was it a gripping psychological thriller. It was mysterious, but that’s about it. Once I had it pegged, it was no longer captivating and became quickly boring. Secrets Between Us was definitely a miss for me.

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