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Hey everyone! My review is super late for this tour, but alas, it’s here!

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Business is booming for Sarah, the successful, young, thirty-something CEO of her own advertising agency. In fact, things are going so well that she’s considering expanding the business even more.

But in the middle of celebrating her success, she gets a wake-up call when her secretary’s fiancé sends a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the entire office goes ga-ga. Sarah can’t help but realize that no matter how successful she is by herself, her love-life sucks.

Determined to change her status by her birthday, a mere six months away, Sarah decides to step outside her comfort zone and find someone to help share the celebration of her journey and her life.

When the flirtatious freelance photographer, Jimmy, sets his sights on getting to know her better, she has to decide whether or not it’s time to mix a little pleasure with her business.

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Seducing Sarah is an interesting novella. I love the premise, but I didn’t quite feel it hit the mark.

Before going forward, this is part 1 of 6. The rest of the parts will be released throughout the year.

I liked it for what it was: a short story. Jimmy’s character was a complete disaster, which I do believe was the point. Sarah has decided it’s time she sets out to find love. Of course, Jimmy isn’t going to be the first guy; love hardly ever is the first guy.

Now. Sarah’s character was just a big of a disaster as Jimmy’s. She’s supposed to be a hugely successful woman, and at times, she is. She has it going on. But when it comes to situations outside of business, Sarah struck me as a teenager. I completely understand the self-doubt that comes with putting yourself out there. However, there were times when I just wanted to shake her.

Again, I love the premise so I may finish the series just to see how it all ends up. Part 1 was an almost miss for me.

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