Sever (Slayer Society #1) – Review

Sever (Slayer Society #1) – Review


Hey guys! Two books in one week? Say whattttttt? I know, it’s crazy. This book has been on my radar for a couple months. A friend of a friend actually wrote this book, so I thought I would check it out! It did not disappoint. However, since it was a friend of a friend’s book, I did throw in some spoilers towards the end. I marked them pretty clearly so you can skip over them if you so choose. I just wanted to give a really thorough review for this one and it was hard to do without giving some information away.

This was a pretty great read. I found myself thoroughly engaged throughout this novel. The characters were awesome but they were a little hard to follow. There are a lot of them and they all have really complex lives which was both fun to read but kind of seemed like filler in some parts of the story.

The story follows a group of teenagers in high school who are essentially being hunted by a crazed maniac all while being stalked by a person lurking in the shadows. The story starts with a prologue of the group in a Cemetery burring a dead body. BOOM! Instantly wanna know more. It is because of this cemetery gathering that they began being stalked. Somehow, someway this person knows what took place at this cemetery. Cool, who are you creepy stalker person and what really happened in the Cemetery? We don’t really find out til the end.

That is why I gave this story 4 stars. The beginning of the story = Uhmazing. The ending of the story = Uhmazing. The middle? Just meh. There was a lot of chapters I felt the author could have done without. There were certain backstories and certain rendezvous that seemed either forced or misplaced. Much of the story was predictable. Some of which was in a good way and others not so much. The beginning grabs you, the middle is pretty predictable, but the ending is great. The ending is probably the main reason I want to ready the next book that comes out. It is a solid ending to a story like this and it sets you up wanting to know more.

However, there are A LOT of unanswered questions. So much so, that I hope they are not all crammed into the next story because I feel that it could be jumbled mess. With that being said….I am going to put some spoilers below read on if you so wish to do so


Unanswered questions that need to be resolved. SPOILERS

What the hell happened to Mercer’s parents?
What the hell is going on with Sumner? He states there can only be one of us to Abe, is he somehow Abe’s brother?
What does Emmy have to do with any of this?
Who the fuck shot Ben?
How did Athena die?
Who killed her?
Who the hell removed the dead body of the random person and replaced it with Athena?
Where is the random body?
Who else knew it was there to move it?
Sumner didn’t see it, so it couldn’t have been him, right?

Sensory overload. I like the questions left unanswered, but man there was a lot!

Also, my biggest feedback to the author is to not let things be so obvious. There were many chapter endings that I think were meant to shock us but instead seemed rather predictable. One major example was when they discovered Paige was driving that car. Or when Salem was the baby daddy. I mean, we kinda saw that coming, you set it up almost too perfectly.

But hey, that could just be me. I have read/watched a crap ton of stories similar to this and I feel like I have a pretty keen sense of prediction. Ha.




Overall, I liked it. It was a story I have been wanting to read for a few months now and it didn’t disappoint. I had been craving a story where I got sucked in and didn’t want to put it down. This was it. I am glad I stuck through some of the “meh” parts because it was worth it in the end. I will definitely be reading the next book.

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