Shameless – Review

Shameless - Review Shameless

by: Gina L Maxwell

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People say I’m shameless. They’re right.

I like my sex dirty. It takes a hell of a lot to tilt my moral compass, and I always follow when it’s pointing at something I want. That goes double when it points straight at the one girl in all of Chicago who’s not dying for a piece of me.

She’s all I can think about, and that’s a problem, because she wants nothing to do with me. But I’ve seen her deepest secrets, her darkest fantasies, and they match mine to a fucking T.

I want her. Bad.

Now I need to show her how good it can feel…to be shameless.

Shameless – Review

Major hotness!

This is one shameless book!!! It was scorching hot and maybe an extra pair of panties were needed…¬†

Y’all. I have no idea why I put this one off for so long! It’s been in my review pile for over a year, shamefully, probably going on two years.

It was a quick read, but I did find some issues that just stuck out. While I do *love* my sexy times, I loved Jane’s character and I wanted to see more of her coming out of her shell. It became all about the sex and less as her of a person. I don’t know, there was just something that struck me about her, and I just wanted more, which is weird, cuz I’m all about the sexy times. Sometimes, Jane and Chase came off as superficial. I wanted more from them.

If you’re looking for a no conflict, sexy times galore, then this is the book for you!

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