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Hey y’all! We’re back again! Did I actually make progress in January? Let’s hope so! So it’s time for State of the ARC, a monthly meme hosted by Avalinah’s Books. Basically, the point is to dwindle your unread ARC pile. We all know we’re guilting of getting review copies and life getting in the way. Been there, done that. Numerous times over. Join in, and let’s track our progress together!

I’m determined to get some of the old ass ARCs I have sitting around on my Kindle. They’re just taking up space, and who needs that?! So I’m about to get real honest (and shit, this is going to suck!). I have dozens of unread and unreviewed ARCs. Most of the books are from NetGalley.

Just in case you missed it:

Y’all know how the story goes…

Once upon a time, there was a newbie to the book community. Ms. Kendra went grabby-hands at books she may never read, just because she didn’t think she would get approved on the infamous read and review website called NetGalley. But low and behold, she got chosen for many a book. Too many in fact. This was also at a point where Kendra would randomly click on books based on their covers, which isn’t a bad thing, but when it comes to the Feedback Ratio… Oh, that’s another story for another day. Months go by and Kendra falls behind. She manages to read four to six books a month, but she does manage to review those books. NetGalley wasn’t Kendra’s only pitfall. Blog tours were up next! She slid into those company’s DMs and became a tour host. Those blog tours took up her reading time, and the first NetGalley books fell to the wayside. Although, it did not stop her from requesting more… On and on she goes, where she stops, no one knows!

Thus the reason for the State of the ARC monthly progress! Let’s get into the stats before I chicken out, even though I made limited progress.

So, the stats:

Some of the old stats are definitely the same. You’ll see the breakdown as we get further into it.

The overdue, unread section is purely my NetGalley books, with a total of 67 books. The physical section is the physical ARCs I have, still all unread and unreviewed. I only have 5 physical books to read, which really doesn’t seem like much. Up next is the not due yet section. This section now has four books, all due within the next few months. Other copies include books authors have sent me or finished copies from publishers. This category holds 5 books at the moment. Woah. Those numbers are pretty damn high!

My total number if ARCs is 81. But yes, the old rules apply. I’ll still be signing up for new releases from one author, and I’m still on the ARC team. Yay! Buuut I am going to make a dent. I promise!

The progress towards the goal…

I’ll have to fit other books in between all the damn ARCs. WHY DID MY FINGERS HAVE TO BE SO CLICKY?! To make it easier, I’m going to make a goal each month.

PROGRESS ~ DNF’d: 0 | Overdue, unread: 0 | Physical: 1 | Not due yet: 1 | Other copies: 0
Additions ~ NONE! Yay!

GOAL ~ Overdue, unread: 2 | Physical: 1 | Other copies: 1
Plus, no other additions.

Since I love stats, let’s break this down even more. I’m going to show you my totals in each category AND which books made it into my progress section for the month. It doesn’t include the new books in any section.

DNF (0)

Overdue/already published, unread (-1) (67 total)

Physical (-1) (5 total): Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier

Not due yet (-1) (4): Three Little Words by Jenny Holiday

Other copies (5)

Yet another month where I didn’t make my goal. Let’s make February the best month yet! Please hold me to it.

Do you participate in State of the ARC?
If so, let me know down the comments! Let’s chat!


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  1. Avatar Kathy Martin says:

    Good luck meeting your February goal. Happy reading!

  2. I hope ARC reading goes great in February 🙂

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