Strictly Surgical – Review

Strictly Surgical - Review by Mila Mesa CoverStrictly Surgical

by: Mila Mesa

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Part of the Synopsis:

World-renowned plastic surgeon by day, billionaire bad boy by night.

Ask any hot blonde in Beverly Hills and they’ll tell you I’m the best they’ve ever had.

In the operating room, and in the bedroom.

Her: Rachel Bishop. Med school student. Secretary. Virgin. Oh, yeah… and she’s my partner’s daughter.

It’s been hard keeping my dirty little crush under wraps all these years, and it’s about to get a lot harder.

Turns out, Rachel’s got a dirty little secret of her own. There’s a reason those sweet curves have gone untouched all these years, and now Rachel wants me to set her free.

We agree on one thing: whatever happens between us, it’s gotta stay Strictly Surgical. But as I ease deeper into Rachel Bishop, I realize that whatever we’ve got between us is anything but…

Strictly Surgical – Review

What was that?! Ahhhh! Gimme more!

This was such a naughty little read. I was consumed by Julian and Rachel and their dirty help-me arrangement. 

Julian is the kind of cocky, playboy doctor women like to swoon over. I was no exception. I knew from the first sentence in the book I was going to like him. If only I knew how much… Rachel is the perfect innocent girl, right down being the completely inexperienced virgin. I loved the growth of her character over the course of the book. She truly blossoms into a ballsy woman and holds her own from the start. Julian and Rachel left you wanting more between their sexy banter and their sizzling hot chemistry!

While this is Mesa’s debut novel, this is definitely a must read dirty book. It ends on a cliffy, but does that surprise you? Nope! I cannot wait to devour more of her words.

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