Tackle Your TBR Read-a-thon!

Hey guys! This will be my first ever, blog hosted, read-a-thon!

Back in elementary school, I lived for the read-a-thons. I was always the one in my class who read wayyy more books than my set goal. I was am the girl who always chose to read in my free time. I was the girl who never groaned when the teacher said it was time for silent reading. I loved it! And I feel like I’ve been falling behind in my reading. So without further ado…


This is an annual event, hosted by Tressa over at Wishful Endings (sign up at the link). It runs from tomorrow September 14 – September 27th with a wrap up post on September 28th. The goal is to pretty much read as much as you can. So excited!

The rules are as follows:

  • Sign ups end September 23. Sign up here.
  • Read as much or as little as you want. The point is just to read. So don’t worry if you only read 1 book, just have fun!
  • Any book is included: ebook, physical book, ARC, audiobook, etc.
  • Once you join, make sure you go to the sign-up post and post your URL to the linky so other readers can find you.
  • Include daily updates (if you can — I will be via Twitter – @readsandtreats – every day. On the blog, probably once or twice a week) and a wrap-up post.
  • On Twitter, use #TackleTBR to post updates or random tweets. Find Tressa (@TresSherm) and add her as well since she is the host.
  • Have fun!

My Goal

I’m thinking 5 books sounds just about right. I’ll add more if I finish those five, but between school and everything else, five is a good starting point. In addition to updates, I will continue my WWW Wednesday, where you can be updated on my progress as well.

Since I’m still in the middle of this one…
Are You Still There by Sarah Lynn Scheerger (9/15) REVIEW

The other four:
Wrong Number, Right Guy by Elle Casey (9/20) REVIEW
When We Were by Alexandra Diaz (9/23) REVIEW
How Forever Feels by Laura Drewry
The Secret Daughter by Kelly Rimmer

I will edit this post throughout the challenge and update by crossing off the books I’ve read. If I get around to the reviews, I will include the links as well. Some reviews might be posted after the challenge is done though.

Happy reading!

State of the ARC

State of the ARC


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