#TackleTBR Wrap-Up

Hello bookworms! This has been one awesome read-a-thon for me. Only… I did not quite make my goal.

Here is my wrap-up stats:


I cannot believe how fast these two weeks have flown by. It seriously just seems like yesterday that I was writing this post, and checking out which books I wanted to read during this read-a-thon. Then creating this post about my goals and what I wanted to get done. I am proud to say that I have read 3 full books out of the 5 that was my goal. I have posted 2 reviews, with another one tomorrow. I have read a total of 837 pages, if you don’t count the short stories and poetry I have read for school. If you add that, it’s a little over 900 pages.

Each day, I try to post my stats from the previous day and I think I actually did pretty well on it. Here is the tally:

Day 1: 24 pages of Are You Still There
Day 2: 188 pages of Are You Still There — finished book
Day 3: 54 pages of Wrong Number, Right Guy
Day 4: 60 pages of WN, RG
Day 5: 86 pages of WN, RG
Day 6: 84 pages of WN, RG
Day 7: 56 pages of WN, RG. 13 pages of When We Were — finished book
Day 8: 63 pages of When We Were
Day 9: 110 pages of When We were
Day 10: 99 pages of When We Were — finished book
Day 11: 10 pages of The Secret Daughter
Day 12: 0
Day 13: 0
Day 14: 2 pages of The Secret Daughter

This weekend was really crappy. Basically, it started with Thursday (only reading 10 pages) because I was at the VA hospital for a good majority of the day, helping my father-in-law with his appointments. Should have been a great time to read, right?! Nah, that’s what I always do when I’m at the hospital. So I switched it up. I read some posts on the Reader, made a few comments, brought up my school app, read some of those posts, replied to one, and then I played a Cooking Fever on my phone. I’m trying to get past this one stupid level and I am having such a hard time! LOL!

Which then brings me to Friday. If you remember from Bookish (& Not so Bookish) Thoughts on Thursday, I mentioned there was a family activity day at my son’s school with the firefighters and the firetruck. We went and he LOVED it! He had so much fun! Then we went to Smith’s after to grab some milk, then home. I made lunch, then had to go back out for a meeting with his teacher, principle, and speech lady. It was his annual IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting. Long story short, he has a slight learning disability. Anyway, so that pretty much took up my whole Friday.

Saturday was running errands and the library for September Book Haul 1&2 (look for the posts next weekend), and Sunday was a day of homework to finish up my week. Ahhh! Sorry for the rambling! Look down below for more #TackleTBR Wrap-Up.

You can find my reviews here:

Are You Still There
Wrong Number, Right Guy
(When We Were — to post tomorrow)

I also participated in two challenges and the Twitter chat (winning a $5 Amazon Gift Card!). I definitely give myself 5 points for that one! First time Twitter chat ever! 🙂 I had so much fun!

How did your #TackleTBR Read-a-thon go? How many books and pages did you read? Tell me in the comments below!


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