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Welcome back, everyone! Today, I have the pleasure of bringing you a Tess Gerritsen Interview | I Know A Secret. Her latest Rizzoli & Isles novel is coming out this month.

I’m super excited about this book. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of the TV show, Rizzoli & Isles, in which the books were the inspiration. Admittingly, and in full disclosure – ashamed, I have yet to read a Gerritsen novel. HOWEVER, THIS WILL CHANGE. I am three pages into I Know A Secret. It’s awesome, y’all.

Tess Gerritsen I Know a Secret cover Pre-order it from Amazon.

Releasing August 15! My review will be posted soon, be sure to keep an eye out for it!


The crime scene is unlike any that Detective Rizzoli and medical examiner Maura Isles have ever before encountered. The woman lies in apparently peaceful repose on her bed, and Maura finds no apparent cause of death, but there is no doubt the woman is indeed dead. The victim’s eyes have been removed and placed in the palm of her hand, a gesture that echoes the terrifying films she produces. Is a crazed movie fan reenacting scenes from those disturbing films?

When another victim is found, again with no apparent cause of death, again with a grotesquely staged crime scene, Jane and Maura realize the killer has widened his circle of targets. He’s chosen one particular woman for his next victim, and she knows he’s coming for her next. She’s the only one who can help Jane and Maura catch the killer.

But she knows a secret. And it’s a secret she’ll never tell.

Let’s get to the fun stuff.

A Tess Gerritsen Interview

Hi Tess. *waves* Thank you so much for joining us today! We’re happy to have you on the blog.


1. How much of your daily activities influence your writing?
Every experience either influences or inspires a writer. From my daily perusal of the newspaper (real events sometimes lead to story ideas) to long walks or drives (to help me think of ways out of sticky plot problems)  almost anything I see, hear, or learn might show up in the next book.
2.     Where is the most random place you have had inspiration strike?
South Africa.  I was on vacation, had a too-close experience with a wild leopard, and the idea for DIE AGAIN instantly came to me.  I’ve also had an idea come to me once while in the back seat of a taxi (THE APPRENTICE), once while I was studying a medieval painting (I KNOW A SECRET), and once while I was sitting in the office of our local police chief, after my son got into trouble! (BLOODSTREAM).
3.     What is your favorite fast food place? Do you have a guilty pleasure food?

Tess Gerritsen author pic

I confess to a love for Johnny Rocket’s hamburgers and Jack-in-the-Box tacos.  (My dad used to bring home those tacos late at night after he finished work. I have fond memories of snacking with him at midnight.)
4.     I read Dr. Maura Isles was inspired by your personality. Is there any part of you that relates to Detective Jane Rizzoli? (I loved your cameo in Season 7, Episode 6!)
Jane Rizzoli is pretty much a direct opposite of me.  She’s brash, forthright, and ready for battle.  I’m reserved and unlikely to take any risks whatsoever.
5.     Medical and crime thrillers are such an amazing thing to write. After all the media around them, how do you come up with new ideas? What sparks them?
I never know when an idea will strike, but I often find them in newspapers and magazines. I’m a big reader of science and archaeology journals, and sometimes a new scientific discovery will get me thinking: “What would happen if you took that discovery and …?”  Aside from personal experiences, I’d say that reading about a wide variety of topics is the best way to find ideas.
6.     When you’re not writing, what are some of your other hobbies?
I love to travel to places I’ve never visited.  I can pack a bag for international travel in about ten minutes flat. I also love to garden and cook and sample weird new foods.
Again, thank you so much, Tess, for being here today. I loved your answers! Jack-in-the-Box tacos are amazing, by the way.

These are some awesome answers. I was thrilled to be contacted and asked if I wanted to host an interview, and read I Know A Secret. There was some major fangirling happening behind the scenes, not even gonna lie! Haha.

I am so looking forward to reading I Know A Secret. I better jump off and get started!



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