The Existence of Pity – Review

the-existence-of-pity THE EXISTENCE OF PITY

by: Jeannie Zokan

Published: November 14, 2016

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Growing up in a lush valley in the Andes mountains, sixteen-year-old Josie Wales is mostly isolated from the turbulence brewing in 1976 Colombia. As the daughter of missionaries, Josie feels torn between their beliefs and the need to choose for herself. She soon begins to hide things from her parents, like her new boyfriend, her trips into the city, and her explorations into different religions.

Josie eventually discovers her parents’ secrets are far more insidious. When she attempts to unravel the web of lies surrounding her family, each thread stretches to its breaking point. Josie tries to save her family, but what happens if they don’t want to be saved?

The Existence of Pity is a story of flawed characters told with heart and depth against the beautiful backdrop of Colombia.


I really enjoyed this book!

Zokan hooked me from the start with a culture that is different from my own. It was unique to see a different perspective of the world. I haven’t read about a missionary family of characters before, so it was cool to become wrapped up in their world.

The Existence of Pity brought a story filled with such beauty and it captivated me. Josie’s character came alive, as well as everyone else in the story. The writing and descriptions had the ability for me to imagine I was there in the city with Josie, learning all I could about Colombia. 

Zokan wrote an intriguing plot line and delivered on the premise. This is one book I feel many will like; the diversity of an American family settling into Colombia, and Colombia’s culture itself is something pleasing to read.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy provided by the author.



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