The Glue – Review


The Glue

by K Webster
Publication Date: September 5, 2018
Genres: Taboo Treat

The Glue - Review

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I’m a fixer. A lover. Always searching for the right fit.
And I come up empty every time.
My desires are unusual.
I don’t feel whole until I’m in the middle, holding it all together.
Which makes having a romantic relationship really difficult.

Until them.
Two people. An unraveling marriage. Love on the rocks.
And they want me.
To put them back together again.

Problem is, once they’re fixed, where does that leave me?
I sure as hell hope I stick like glue.

***This story is MMF.***

The Glue – Review

This book was emotionally packed, angsty, and full of love.

In terms of the dirty taboo treats, I think Webster has outdone herself. I was immediately hooked into this relationship, and there was absolutely no reason for me to let go. 

Everything about this book was well-written and executed to its fullest potential. It’s a super-steamy, super-hot romance. Yet, this book is sweet and holds a shit ton of emotion between its pages. There were times when I cried, not because it was sad – it wasn’t – but it was completely emotionally charged, and there was nothing to do but cry. Aiden, Vaughn, and Vale were amazing characters, whose hearts were bled in between the lines of angsty prose.

For me, the beginning packed the most punch. I could feel the despair and the heartbreak. I could feel the confusion and see the small amount of hope in the characters’ eyes. The Glue is everything I could have asked for in this taboo treat.

The sexy times were off the charts hot! And while this is part of Webster’s taboo treats world, I loved how much the characters were at the front of the book. They are in all of her books, but this one just felt more real to me. I connected to it more, and it truly made my heart soar.

Everything about The Glue just screams, “Read me. I’m amazing!”

About K. Webster

K Webster is the author of dozens of romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers.

Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

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